Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robbery is more lucrative than salary work. Suspect

Sikiru Oyebamiji and Afeez Salami, who were arrested by the Lagos State Police Command, for armed robbery, confessed that robbing people was more profitable than their legal job.

They were  Mushin area of Lagos  and were found with a locally-made pistol.

They were nabbed by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad on Friday, July 31, around 12.30am when they were allegedly heading for an operation.

It was further gathered that the duo had taken a cab from Oshodi, and the vehicle had got to a checkpoint around Mushin where SARS operatives asked the occupants to alight.

The suspects were said to have ordered the driver to evade the policemen, threatening to shoot him if he refused.

But the operatives arrested the suspects and recovered the pistol from them.

After their arrest, the suspects confessed that they were nine in the gang. They also told the police that there were two other locally-made guns belonging to the gang.

The suspects said that they had taken to robbery because their respective jobs were not lucrative enough.

Twenty-four-year-old Oyebamiji who hails from Apomu Ikire, Osun State, said he was a cobbler and bus conductor before he joined the gang.

He said, “I was formerly a bus conductor, and a cobbler, before joining the gang. I sold Indian hemp too. I met the gang leader at a night club, and he advised me to be a part of them. We are actually nine in the gang. In most of the operations, we stole phones, gold, laptops, jewellery, and money. I did not like robbery, but I had no option because my work did not give me enough money.”

Oyebamiji, who lives on Lawanson Road, Itire, added that he had gone for about five operations with the gang, and made at least N20,000 from each.

He said, “I have gone out with the gang on about five occasions. We robbed in Sango, Ogun State; Egbeda, Ojuelegba and Pleasure Ile Epo areas in Lagos. We collected money and property in the process. I used the money from armed robbery to send my son to school. I realised about N20,000 from each operation.”

The second suspect, 21-year-old Salami also said he took to robbery because his work was not lucrative.

He said, “I was living in the Ojuelegba area, and I was a meat seller (butcher). But, meat selling was not bringing me much money. So, I joined the gang. We make use of three guns, but the two other guns are with the boss. I realised about N15,000 from each robbery operation. I am actually an orphan. Nobody was taking care of me.”

Friday, August 1, 2014

" I killed her because she refused to marry me" Raphael Effiong.

One Gift Sunday, a  26 year-old girl, who lived at Ketu , Lagos, has been stabbed to dearh by Raphael Effiong, her boyfriend for refusing to marry him.

The sad incident took place on Monday, July 28, 2014 at Mayor guest house, the usual redenvoue of the lovers.

According to Anietie family who late Gift stayed with, the deceased left home around  8.30pm, shortly after their dinner.

While other members of the family retired early, Gift announced that she was going to meet her boyfriend, who was well known by the family

But apprehension reportedly set in when she did not return by midnight. Tension, heightened after efforts to reach her on the phone proved abortive as it was discovered to be switched off.

Next day, the family’s fear was confirmed following the visit of a woman later discovered to be a management staff of Mayor Guest house located at 10 Yusuf Eleran street, Ketu. The woman was said to have invited Gift’s sister , Mrs Ume Anietie to Fine Day hospital at Elebiju street, where she was informed that Gift had passed on!

Love gone sour

Gift, as gathered, was stabbed in the arm and breast by her boyfriend, Raphael at the guest house.

A man who claimed to have witnessed it all told Crime Guard that :“I was seeing a friend off, when I heard the shout of help from the hotel. I sensed all was not well and went to the hotel to inform the staff. They told me it was normal to hear lovers shout. But I insisted that the shout was not that of pleasure but of panic and pain. It was at that point that we all rushed to the room and forced the door open. To our disbelief, we saw a lady on the floor with a deep cut in her hand from where blood was gushing out. The man with her was holding a pair of scissors .


At first ,nobody knew what to do. We told the man to take her to the hospital but he could not carry her because she was big in size. We all carried her outside with blood still gushing out from the deep cut in her hand.

It took about 30 to 40 minutes before she was rushed to Fine Day hospital. Even when she got there, the doctors did not attend to her on time. It was not until the Police at Alapere division called and instructed them to commence treatment on her that they started attending to her and we left”, the eye witness narrated.

Her Last words

Doctors at Fine Day hospital were said to have managed to revive Gift. In an inaudible tone, she was said to have told some of the hospital staff that it was not the first time Raphael would beat her .

According to one of the hospital workers who spoke on condition of anonymity : “ She told us that was not the first time her boyfriend would beat her. She said anytime he sees her with any man, he would beat her,both in the open. She also said that was why she decided  not marry him, so that he would not kill her someday”

At a point, Gift could not reportedly speak, as she complained of weakness. Unfortunately, she could not owing to loss of blood.Had blood been transfused into Gift, she would have probably lived to share her ordeal,Crime Guard gathered.

Why I killed her

Raphael as gathered, attempted to escape, on noticing the magnitude of his action. But he was apprehended by staff of the hotel who handed him over to policemen at Alapere,from where he was transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department,SCID, Yaba, Thursday.

At the SCID, Raphael told operatives of the Homicide section that he stabbed Gift because she refused to marry him.

According to the Akwa-Ibom State suspect:“I never knew she would die. I never meant to kill her. I only wanted to threaten her with the scissors. We have been going out for a year and I loved her so much … I proposed to her but she turned down my proposal, saying she couldn’t marry me. I have begged her several times to have a change of mind but she didn’t.

I have invested so much on her with the hope of marrying her some day. But I never knew she was only deceiving me, by playing on my intelligence. I just could not stand her getting married to another person. The mere thought of that sends me crazy”, he said, begging the deceased’s family members to forgive him. But members of the deceased’s family are of the opinion that the act was preconceived, asking why the suspect took a scissors to the guest house in the first place.

The late Gift, as gathered, was a fashion designer. She was said to have been living with her sister since 2005, from where she went to secondary school and thereafter, learnt fashion designing. Until her death, she was said to have sewn wedding gowns for different would -be brides, including those of their bridal trains,with the hope of sewing for herself someday.

She was said to have boasted to close friends that she would make the best for herself when the time came, unaware that she would not live to witness the day. She had reportedly told close friends that her choice of husband was a God-fearing man, little wonder she accepted to go out with Raphael in the first instance , as they met in the church. But along the line, Raphael reportedly left the church, shortly after which he started demonstrating his battering tendency.

The deceased’s elder sister , Mrs Anietie, who is yet to come to terms with Gift’s demise, said amidst tears: “ She was a very hard working lady. She was cheerful and was like a daughter to me. I will forever miss her”.

Spokes person for the Lagos State Police Command, Ngozi Braide , said the suspect would be charged to court at the end of investigation.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tragedy in a Church, 4 year-old dead, 15 others unconscious during Night -Vigil

It was a tragic all night prayer as the police in Aba, Abia, has confirmed the death of a four-year old boy during an all night prayer in a church on Saturday morning. The police, who did not give the name of the deceased, also confirmed that 15 other persons were choked during the event. A group called the “Young People’s Christian Fellowship, Ututu, Arochukwu”, were reportedly made unconscious by fumes from a generating set used for the all night prayer meeting. The police Area Commander, Aba, ACP Peter Wabara, made this known to newsmen in Aba. “We got a phone call this morning that some persons were allegedly lying dead in a church at 8...
Eziukwu road by Milverton Avenue, Aba. “So I mobilised my men and called in some doctor friends since the government doctors were on strike and they accompanied us to the scene of the event. “There we looked through the glass door and found them lying unconscious in a scattered manner. Fortunately, some of them were breathing so we moved them to two hospitals,” he said. Wabara said that 11 of the worshipers were evacuated to Austin-Graces hospital on Okigwe road while four of them were moved to Goodness and Mercy hospital on Faulks road, Aba. According to the commander, before leaving the scene, the rescue team searched the church environment and found a generating set that had exhausted its fuel and quenched but was still hot. The commander said that there was a noxious odour in the air of the warehouse-turned-church which gave them the impression that the worshippers may have over-inhaled carbon monoxide. He said that he accompanied the Deputy Governor of the state, Col. Emeka Ananaba (rtd) to the hospitals and found that the persons involved were responding to treatment. Wabara also said that the deputy governor had made a donation of an undisclosed sum of money. The money was donated after a meeting with the Area Commander, the Commissioner for Health and an assistant medical director, at Abia State Teaching Hospital, Aba.

NAN reports that some of the persons brought to Austin-Graces hospital had recovered and could recognise people, but were unable to field reporter’s enquiries during the visit. Dr Philip Richard, Senior Pastor, Word Alife Assembly, Aba, the Secretary of pastors from Arochukwu in Aba, told NAN that the worshippers were all indigenes of Ututu in Arochukwu local government area. “I was not there but I had a phone call telling me this morning that the believers from Ututu in Arochukwu who went to pray in a church in Aba had all died. “I left all that I was doing to get to the scene of the event. We have a fellowship of believers of Ututu origin in Aba and they came to pray for themselves and their community at this venue.

“I was not there. They are from various churches and not from one church. The husband and wife whose child died are from my own church,” he said. Meanwhile, a police source who was among the rescuers, told NAN that the boy died as a result of the weight of his heavily-built father which fell on him when the man became unconscious. The source said the child was seating beside his father and when they became unconscious, the father unknowingly fell to that side of his seat, pressing the boy and making breathing hard for him. Another source from Ututu, told NAN on condition of anonymity that the man and his wife had lost one of their two children last month. She said that they were left with only the boy that died at the prayer meeting on July 26.

Friday, July 25, 2014

How Alhaji Kamoru Bankole brutalised Wife over a piece of fish

Alhaji Kamoru Bankole has allegedly battered his wife, Mrs. Fatima Bankole, for taking piece of fish from the pot to break her fast

Alhaji Kamoru and wife reside at Hasan Close, Alasia, Ijanikin in Lagos State.

According to saharareporters, the bruising attack happened on  the 16th of July, when the third wife reported to their husband that their senior wife took fish from the soup to break her fast. The husband, according to witnesses, did not listen to her excuse before attacking her.

According to the victim, Mrs. Fatima Bankole, their husband had always physically abused her, but the incidence of  July 16th was more brutal.

She narrated that they had made a roster between two wives, due to the absence of the third wife who was away at the period, to cook for 15 days each. The victim said she had completed her period, and it was turn of the last wife. She said they would normally serve the husband first, followed by the children before the wives would serve themselves.

On the day she was to be attacked, Mrs. Fatima said the last wife had finished her cooking and served their husband and the children. She then went for her own meal.

But soon after, the last wife complained to her husband that Fatima took a larger chunk of the fish in the pot. Their husband, Alhaji Kamoru Bankole, queried her, but she said that she only took a little out of it, stating that the fish was in pieces and mixed in the stew. Her explanations, however, got her in trouble with their husband. Alhaji Kamoru, she details, delivered several punches to her face. She said she bled for hours and was further locked up in a room for three days before she escaped.

She said neighbors then took her to the hospital for treatment. That was the cruelest from her history of experience of assault by their husband, Mrs. Fatima said. From experiences she recounted, she recalled how her hair was pulled out of her head, which resulted in grievous head injuries.

The police have now arrested the husband, following outcry and petitions by the Women Arise civil group in Lagos. He will be arraigned in court next week.

How Some Human Parts Dealers Were Arrested

It was a gory site when the Commissioner of Police, Kwara State, Mr Ambrose Aisabor, yesterday, paraded two suspects, among others, for dealing in human parts. Displayed were human heads, legs, hands severed from human bodies.
The commissioner told newsmen that the two suspects were arrested with human head, leg and hand in Tabira village, Okuta in Baruten Local Government Area of the state.

Aisabor said the suspects, Amos Kareem and Abubakar Ladan, were arrested following a tip-off, stressing that during investigation they confessed to the crime.

One of the suspects, Abubakar Ladan, confessed that Amos Kareem promised to give him a motorcycle if he could find him human head, hand and leg.

He said his desire to own a motorcycle prompted him to go to a burial ground and cut off the human head, leg and hand that were displayed.

Amos Kareem, when asked what he was doing with human parts, said some politicians used to buy the parts from him.

The suspects, however, refused to disclose the identity of politicians who patronise them.

The police also paraded a man said to be an accomplice, having accommodated the suspects in Tabira village, claiming that he never knew that the suspects were involved in such atrocity.

Source: Vanguard.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

How Gunmen killed Idowu's wife and mother.

Some ruthless gunmen, who stormed the house of one Idowu Bolariwa at Olorunsogo area of Ibadan to kill him were disappointed  when they could not find Idowu, in anger they killed his mother and his wife, Mrs Kalifa Bolarinwa

At the time the killers struck, Idowu was in the mosque offering prayers as part of Ramadan

Idowu is a land speculator.

Sources added that the man’s mother sensing the unusual movement and cry from her daughter-in-law, came out to find out what was happening only for the assailants to kill her too.

Contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Olabisi Okuwobi-Clet Ilobanafor confirmed the incident.

How a woman found with dead baby was saved by the police

It was the timely intervention of  Policemen in Lagos, yesterday, that foiled attempt by a mob to lynch a middle-aged woman who was in possession of a dead child at Mile-Two, along Oshodi/Apapa expressway.
Though the woman, who gave her name as Florence, claimed that the dead child was hers, the mob said she could have kidnapped and killed the child for money ritual.
Report by Vanguard indicates that they met the dead child lying by the side of the expressway, with Florence by his side. Two Ghana must go bags were found by her side.
Inside the bags were beverages, detergents and assorted clothes.

Information gathered revealed that the woman had been sighted in the area with the child strapped at her back for three days.
An onlooker said: “One man in a commercial bus alerted us yesterday that the child strapped at the back was motionless. This attracted some curious passengers of commercial buses that were trapped in this unending gridlock. One of the passengers went close to the woman and shook the baby. Before you knew it, people had gathered around the woman, wanting to set her ablaze. But for the timely arrival of policemen attached to the Rapid Response Squad she would have been dead by now.”
When Florence was interviewed, she said: “I am from Umo in Kwale area of Delta State. I was born in Lagos and I have three children. Nothing is wrong with me. This child (pointing to the dead child) is my son. He is the last of my three children. I have a boy and a girl who are in the village. His name is Chidi and he is five years old.
“He has been very sick. In fact, he had fever and needed blood transfusion but I couldn’t afford the money for it. He died three days ago. Before he died, we wanted to travel back to the village. My husband stays in Port Harcourt.”
When asked to give his husband’s telephone number she said: “The paper where I wrote his number has been destroyed by rain. I don’t have any relative in Lagos. I was living under a staircase in one of the shops located in Alaba market. A security man allowed my son and I to sleep there at night. I didn’t steal any baby neither did I kill any child.
“I was carrying Chidi on my back after he died, only for people to gather around me this morning and started beating me. What have I done to deserve this kind of beating? If not for these policemen, they would have beaten me to death.”
Asked what her mission in Lagos was, she said she came to take care of him here. Some people were of the opinion that she was insane but the Police said that would be ascertained in the course of investigation.

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