Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tragedy in a Church, 4 year-old dead, 15 others unconscious during Night -Vigil

It was a tragic all night prayer as the police in Aba, Abia, has confirmed the death of a four-year old boy during an all night prayer in a church on Saturday morning. The police, who did not give the name of the deceased, also confirmed that 15 other persons were choked during the event. A group called the “Young People’s Christian Fellowship, Ututu, Arochukwu”, were reportedly made unconscious by fumes from a generating set used for the all night prayer meeting. The police Area Commander, Aba, ACP Peter Wabara, made this known to newsmen in Aba. “We got a phone call this morning that some persons were allegedly lying dead in a church at 8...
Eziukwu road by Milverton Avenue, Aba. “So I mobilised my men and called in some doctor friends since the government doctors were on strike and they accompanied us to the scene of the event. “There we looked through the glass door and found them lying unconscious in a scattered manner. Fortunately, some of them were breathing so we moved them to two hospitals,” he said. Wabara said that 11 of the worshipers were evacuated to Austin-Graces hospital on Okigwe road while four of them were moved to Goodness and Mercy hospital on Faulks road, Aba. According to the commander, before leaving the scene, the rescue team searched the church environment and found a generating set that had exhausted its fuel and quenched but was still hot. The commander said that there was a noxious odour in the air of the warehouse-turned-church which gave them the impression that the worshippers may have over-inhaled carbon monoxide. He said that he accompanied the Deputy Governor of the state, Col. Emeka Ananaba (rtd) to the hospitals and found that the persons involved were responding to treatment. Wabara also said that the deputy governor had made a donation of an undisclosed sum of money. The money was donated after a meeting with the Area Commander, the Commissioner for Health and an assistant medical director, at Abia State Teaching Hospital, Aba.

NAN reports that some of the persons brought to Austin-Graces hospital had recovered and could recognise people, but were unable to field reporter’s enquiries during the visit. Dr Philip Richard, Senior Pastor, Word Alife Assembly, Aba, the Secretary of pastors from Arochukwu in Aba, told NAN that the worshippers were all indigenes of Ututu in Arochukwu local government area. “I was not there but I had a phone call telling me this morning that the believers from Ututu in Arochukwu who went to pray in a church in Aba had all died. “I left all that I was doing to get to the scene of the event. We have a fellowship of believers of Ututu origin in Aba and they came to pray for themselves and their community at this venue.

“I was not there. They are from various churches and not from one church. The husband and wife whose child died are from my own church,” he said. Meanwhile, a police source who was among the rescuers, told NAN that the boy died as a result of the weight of his heavily-built father which fell on him when the man became unconscious. The source said the child was seating beside his father and when they became unconscious, the father unknowingly fell to that side of his seat, pressing the boy and making breathing hard for him. Another source from Ututu, told NAN on condition of anonymity that the man and his wife had lost one of their two children last month. She said that they were left with only the boy that died at the prayer meeting on July 26.

Friday, July 25, 2014

How Alhaji Kamoru Bankole brutalised Wife over a piece of fish

Alhaji Kamoru Bankole has allegedly battered his wife, Mrs. Fatima Bankole, for taking piece of fish from the pot to break her fast

Alhaji Kamoru and wife reside at Hasan Close, Alasia, Ijanikin in Lagos State.

According to saharareporters, the bruising attack happened on  the 16th of July, when the third wife reported to their husband that their senior wife took fish from the soup to break her fast. The husband, according to witnesses, did not listen to her excuse before attacking her.

According to the victim, Mrs. Fatima Bankole, their husband had always physically abused her, but the incidence of  July 16th was more brutal.

She narrated that they had made a roster between two wives, due to the absence of the third wife who was away at the period, to cook for 15 days each. The victim said she had completed her period, and it was turn of the last wife. She said they would normally serve the husband first, followed by the children before the wives would serve themselves.

On the day she was to be attacked, Mrs. Fatima said the last wife had finished her cooking and served their husband and the children. She then went for her own meal.

But soon after, the last wife complained to her husband that Fatima took a larger chunk of the fish in the pot. Their husband, Alhaji Kamoru Bankole, queried her, but she said that she only took a little out of it, stating that the fish was in pieces and mixed in the stew. Her explanations, however, got her in trouble with their husband. Alhaji Kamoru, she details, delivered several punches to her face. She said she bled for hours and was further locked up in a room for three days before she escaped.

She said neighbors then took her to the hospital for treatment. That was the cruelest from her history of experience of assault by their husband, Mrs. Fatima said. From experiences she recounted, she recalled how her hair was pulled out of her head, which resulted in grievous head injuries.

The police have now arrested the husband, following outcry and petitions by the Women Arise civil group in Lagos. He will be arraigned in court next week.

How Some Human Parts Dealers Were Arrested

It was a gory site when the Commissioner of Police, Kwara State, Mr Ambrose Aisabor, yesterday, paraded two suspects, among others, for dealing in human parts. Displayed were human heads, legs, hands severed from human bodies.
The commissioner told newsmen that the two suspects were arrested with human head, leg and hand in Tabira village, Okuta in Baruten Local Government Area of the state.

Aisabor said the suspects, Amos Kareem and Abubakar Ladan, were arrested following a tip-off, stressing that during investigation they confessed to the crime.

One of the suspects, Abubakar Ladan, confessed that Amos Kareem promised to give him a motorcycle if he could find him human head, hand and leg.

He said his desire to own a motorcycle prompted him to go to a burial ground and cut off the human head, leg and hand that were displayed.

Amos Kareem, when asked what he was doing with human parts, said some politicians used to buy the parts from him.

The suspects, however, refused to disclose the identity of politicians who patronise them.

The police also paraded a man said to be an accomplice, having accommodated the suspects in Tabira village, claiming that he never knew that the suspects were involved in such atrocity.

Source: Vanguard.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

How Gunmen killed Idowu's wife and mother.

Some ruthless gunmen, who stormed the house of one Idowu Bolariwa at Olorunsogo area of Ibadan to kill him were disappointed  when they could not find Idowu, in anger they killed his mother and his wife, Mrs Kalifa Bolarinwa

At the time the killers struck, Idowu was in the mosque offering prayers as part of Ramadan

Idowu is a land speculator.

Sources added that the man’s mother sensing the unusual movement and cry from her daughter-in-law, came out to find out what was happening only for the assailants to kill her too.

Contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Olabisi Okuwobi-Clet Ilobanafor confirmed the incident.

How a woman found with dead baby was saved by the police

It was the timely intervention of  Policemen in Lagos, yesterday, that foiled attempt by a mob to lynch a middle-aged woman who was in possession of a dead child at Mile-Two, along Oshodi/Apapa expressway.
Though the woman, who gave her name as Florence, claimed that the dead child was hers, the mob said she could have kidnapped and killed the child for money ritual.
Report by Vanguard indicates that they met the dead child lying by the side of the expressway, with Florence by his side. Two Ghana must go bags were found by her side.
Inside the bags were beverages, detergents and assorted clothes.

Information gathered revealed that the woman had been sighted in the area with the child strapped at her back for three days.
An onlooker said: “One man in a commercial bus alerted us yesterday that the child strapped at the back was motionless. This attracted some curious passengers of commercial buses that were trapped in this unending gridlock. One of the passengers went close to the woman and shook the baby. Before you knew it, people had gathered around the woman, wanting to set her ablaze. But for the timely arrival of policemen attached to the Rapid Response Squad she would have been dead by now.”
When Florence was interviewed, she said: “I am from Umo in Kwale area of Delta State. I was born in Lagos and I have three children. Nothing is wrong with me. This child (pointing to the dead child) is my son. He is the last of my three children. I have a boy and a girl who are in the village. His name is Chidi and he is five years old.
“He has been very sick. In fact, he had fever and needed blood transfusion but I couldn’t afford the money for it. He died three days ago. Before he died, we wanted to travel back to the village. My husband stays in Port Harcourt.”
When asked to give his husband’s telephone number she said: “The paper where I wrote his number has been destroyed by rain. I don’t have any relative in Lagos. I was living under a staircase in one of the shops located in Alaba market. A security man allowed my son and I to sleep there at night. I didn’t steal any baby neither did I kill any child.
“I was carrying Chidi on my back after he died, only for people to gather around me this morning and started beating me. What have I done to deserve this kind of beating? If not for these policemen, they would have beaten me to death.”
Asked what her mission in Lagos was, she said she came to take care of him here. Some people were of the opinion that she was insane but the Police said that would be ascertained in the course of investigation.

NSCDC Assistant Inspector, Lasisi Kabir Iyanda Has Been Arrested For Killing A School Teacher, Kamaldeen Muritala.

A member of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Assistant-Inspector Lasisi Kabir Iyanda, has been arrested and detained in Police custody over the brutal murder, on 27th June, 2014, of a 32-year-old Kamaldeen Muritala, an Islamic Religious Knowledge teacher attached to Titilope Islamic Comprehensive High School, Ejigbo, Osun State.

Preliminary enquiry by Police detectives from the Osun State Police Command, Osogbo reveals that the victim, Kamaldeen Muritala died at Baptist Hospital Ejigbo from complications arising from fatal stab wounds inflicted on his neck with a jack-knife by the NSCDC member during an argument close to the entrance of an examination hall where National Examination Council (NECO) examination was taking place.

Following the demise of the deceased Islamic teacher, students of the school attempted to raze down office structures belonging to the NSCDC as well as those of other government establishments in the area, but the timely intervention of the Police prevented further breakdown of law and order.

Meanwhile, the Police High Command has commended the officers and men of Osun State Police Command for their timely intervention which helped to rescue the 30-year-old suspect concerned as well as other property and whittle down what otherwise might have turned into a major catastrophe. The apex Police Authority however, enjoins citizens never to take laws into their own hands no matter the provocation, promising that justice would be served in this case.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hmmm! Saniee Masilela, age 9 Marries a 62-year-old Woman

Saneie Masilela, a Nine year old South African Schoolboy, Marries 62-Year-Old Woman – For Second Time

Nine-year-old Saneie Masilela has become the world’s youngest groom for the second time after remarrying the 62-year-old woman he tied the knot with last year.

Dressed in a silvery tuxedo, baby-faced Saneie clutched the hand of mother-of-five Helen Shabangu – her children are aged between 28- and 38-years-old – as they repeated their vows a year on in front of 100 guests.

The schoolboy says he did it to make the marriage ‘official’ but other villagers in Ximhungwe in Mpumalanga, South Africa describe it as “sickening”.

The ceremony – where guests shared a piece of cake – took place in front of Helen’s long-term husband Alfred Shabangu, 66, who was there last year as well.

He said: “My kids and I are happy because we don’t have a problem with her marrying the boy – and I don’t care what other people say.”

Both families claim the wedding is simply another ‘ritual’ after Saneie was told by his dead ancestors to wed last year and his parents forked out £500 for the bride and another £1,000 for the ceremony.

But the schoolboy – the youngest of five children – wanted to follow South African tradition and insisted they have the second ceremony this week to make their marriage official.

The young groom said he still hoped he would have a proper wedding to a woman his own age when he was older.

He added: “I told my mother that I wanted to get married because I really did want to.

“I’m happy that I married Helen – but I will go to school and study hard.

“When I’m older I will marry a lady my own age. I chose Helen because I love her and, although we don’t live together all the time, we meet at the dumping site where my mother works regularly.”

Recycling worker Helen – who donned the same dress as last year – said: “I’m very happy that the boy chose me and my family support and understand that it is part of making ancestors happy.

“One day Sanele would grow normally and have family of his own and get married one day, all this ceremony is for making ancestors happy. We are playing.”

Sanele’s 47-year-old mum, Patience Masilela said: “Sanele was fine and he was happy about the ceremony last year and it what he wanted – he was not shy.

“He was just happy to get married, very excited and was not embarrassed about it. So much so he wanted to do it again.

“After the wedding last year people keep asking them question like will they live together, sleep together, have babies but I keep telling them that after the wedding everything went back to normal – nothing changed.

“Sanele moved to Venda not long after the wedding because he wanted to learn a new language, but they are very close. Our families are very close.

“It was nice celebrate with a wedding once more, it was after all a calling from the ancestors.

“By doing this we made the ancestors happy. If we hadn’t done what my son had asked then something bad would have happened in the family.”

Friday, July 18, 2014

Armed Robbers killed 10 in operations at Osun State

At least 10 persons died during bank robbery operations on Thursday evening in Modakeke, Osun State.

Among the 10 people shot dead by the robbers were two bank workers.

The Armed robbers carted away unspecified huge e sum of money when they invaded two banks located in the town.

Sources informed punch newspaper that the eight robbers arrived in the town in a vehicle and moved straight to one of the banks and started using explosive to pull down its wall while some of them shot directly at the security door to break it open.

A resident of the town told our correspondent that the people were killed during the operation which lasted for nearly one hour.

The resident explained that some bank workers were killed while passengers in a bus passing by were hit by the bullets fired by the robbers and some of them died.

The resident said although policemen came to the scene, they could not match the robbers who he said were better armed.

He added that the policemen, however, shot at the tyres of the vehicle brought by the armed men and demobilised them.

He said, “The robbers came in the rain and opened fire on the bank. I closed my shop and ran away from the place. My neighbours also closed hurriedly because of the robbery.

“The whole town was thrown into confusion. The robbers threw explosive into the bank and that gave them access into the facility. They came after the closing hour and succeeded in carting away their loot.”

Another resident, who gave his name as Ola, said that the town was thrown into confusion as the hoodlums rained bullets on the bank.

He, however, said the robbers did not succeed in looting the bank, but killed some people.

Ola said, “You know that robbers cannot steal from Modakeke, it is not possible. Some youths rose up and blocked the road and the robbers ran away. I cannot say if any of them was arrested.”

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mrs. Folasade Odoro, said that six persons were killed during the operation.

“Six persons were killed and we are investigating the matter,” she said.

But the Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps in the state, Mr. Ayo Olowe, said 10 persons were shot dead during the robbery.

Two shoplifters Arrested in Onitsha, others on the run.

Two of a six-man syndicate who specialize in breaking peoples shops and looting their goods in Anambra and Ebonyi states have been arrested by a team of surveillance police attached to Fegge Police Station Onitsha, Alhambra state.

Vanguard reports that the two suspects whose names were withheld by the investigating police officers, IPOs, to avoid jeopardizing the arrest of other gang members who were not yet aware of the arrest of two of their accomplice, according to sources, were arrested on different dates, based on a tip-off.

According to the source, the surveillance team stumbled into 22 bags of 50 kilogrammes of foreign rice in a hideout at Onitsha and on enquiry, some of the neighbourhood informed them that they saw some men keeping the goods.

The police team, it was learnt, laid an ambush and as soon as one of the suspects sneaked into the hideout to carry some of the bags, probably for sale, they apprehended him and during interrogations, he disclosed the identities of the six-man gang, including their ring leader who was arrested the next day. It was further gathered that the police are still trailing four other members of the syndicate, even as they were not yet aware that two of their members are already in the police custody.

A reliable police source confirmed that the two suspects have made confessional statements as to how they had broken into and looted many shops, with the latest belonging to one Emmanuel Okonkwo at Obosi community near Onitsha which they allegedly broken into at about 3 a.m. and carted away the bags of rice through a dwarf fence.

The Divisional Police Officer at Fegge, Rabiu Garba who simply confirmed the arrest, said he had sent signal about the case to police headquarters, Awka, while investigations are on going.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Emeka Chukwuemeka, DSP, told newsmen on phone as a the time of filing this report that he was yet to receive such a signal to that effect, adding that he would make some contacts and get back to newsmen..

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shadrach Ofose to spend one in prison for illegal dealing in petroleum products

One Shedrach Ofose who was arraigned by EFCC for illegal dealing in petroleum products has been found guilty and sentenced to one year imprisonment by Justice M.S Abubakar of the Federal High Court, Warri, Delta State.

Justice Abubakar found him guilty of the 2-count charge preferred against him by the Economic Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC and sentenced him to 6 months jail imprisonment on each count. The sentences are to run concurrently.

The court also ordered that the exhibit vehicles be auctioned and the proceeds remitted into the Federation Account.

The convict was arraigned March 5, 2013. One of the counts that sent Shedrack to jail reads; “that you Shedrack Ofose, on or about the 17th day of November, 2012 at Kaigbodo waterside in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State within the jurisdiction of this honourable court without appropriate licence did distribute Petroleum Product to wit: 3,950 litres of Automated Gas Oil (AGO) loaded in 10 drums conveyed in a White Ford Bus with Reg. No. (Bayelsa) XB 258 YEN and thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 4(1) of the Petroleum Act CAP P10 of the Law of the Federation of Nigeria (Revised Edition) and punishable under Section 1(6) of the same act."

Armed robbers who specialized in disguising as women to rob have been busted

A gang of armed robbers  who specialize in dressing up as women to rob unsuspecting victims have been arrested by the Oyo State police Command. They were paraded recently where they told their stories. Vanguard reports

An unsuspecting womanizer would easily fall into their traps seeing their feminine faces made-up with cosmetics, with weave-on hairdo that dangles on both sides of their broad shoulders.
Their coated lips look inviting. No doubt, countless men must have fallen prey to them. Many passersby who thronged the state headquarters of the Police command at Eleiyele, Ibadan to catch a glimpse of these attractive “women” could not hide their disbelief.
Though, their chests were flat which should convince doubting Thomases that the suspects were not women, some still insisted on seeing their private parts due to their looks.

But, behind these deceptive looks are more than meets the ordinary eye. The hearts of both Omooba Oyewole and Lawal Kabir are fortified with cold steel. They are suspected dare-devil robbers. If they have conscience, it must be made of solid concrete.

One of the suspects, Lawal Kabir whose eyelids blink momentarily like a doll in the old Kingsway Store claims to be a devout Muslim and considers only Fridays and the Ramadan period as sacred days in the whole year when he thinks he should not engage in armed robbery.

These days, especially Fridays, he said, he would go to the mosque to pray to God to forgive all his criminal tendencies only to continue his devilish acts thereafter. In fact, the suspect said he was arrested on Friday after observing the Jumat prayers.

Given their looks, one needed no soothsayer to discern that the suspects had carried out numerous deadly attacks on their victims even though they admitted to have participated in no fewer than four successful robbery operations.

According to them, they had made people cry in places like Osun, Sawmill, Iyana-Agbala and other places when they unleashed terror on them. Knowing their days of reckoning had finally come, the eight-man gang confessed some of the crimes they had committed to Crime Alert.

Ayodele Olaitan, who wore a mask, one of the tools they use in their nefarious activities shook his head in regret and said: “It was my friends that pushed me into this. I joined the gang sometime ago and I have participated in at least three robbery operations.

I am not the owner of the mask you see on me. It belongs to one of us called pastor. He is dead now. I regret all my actions. I didn’t realize we could be caught. But, now the game is up, “ he said as he burst into tears.

Like other criminals, Lawal Kabir said he was pushed into the criminal world as a result of an unsuccessful business venture. “I took to robbery when my plumbing work was not booming.

Three years after my freedom as an apprentice, I tried all I could to make both ends meet, but things did not work for me. I first stayed in Lagos before I later came to Ibadan where I was introduced to a gang of armed robbers. I have participated in four armed robbery attacks.

I went with them to Osun State, Ibadan, Sawmill and Iyana -Agbala. I was arrested on Friday after I finished praying in the mosque. Somebody we call a pastor, also a member of the gang called me without knowing the police had already arrested him.

I don’t rob on Fridays and during Ramadan. I used those periods to pray to God to forgive me my sins. I know what I was doing was wrong but it was difficult for me to break away from it.”

Another member of the gang, Biola Alaba who wore a weave-on hairdo said they were eight in number and that they were arrested at a drinking joint while preparing to carry out a robbery operation at Bodija area of the city. He denied ever killing any of their victims.

“How can I commit two sins at the same time. I cannot rob and kill at the same time. It is unfair to rob someone of his belongings and kill him. We don’t even rape our victims, “ he said.

As for Sunday Omooba from Ogbomoso who says he is a member of the Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, he narrated how he took charge of the armoury for the gang. “I helped them get bullets through one man. I just call the man any time I need bullets for the gang.

I don’t rob with them. In fact, I did not know that they were using the bullets to rob. I also supplied that pump action gun to them. I bought the gun for N70,000 from a friend. If I knew that they would use the weapons for robbery, I would not give them.”

The Investigating Police Officer in charge of the case alleged that Omooba supplied the pump action gun and killed the owner of the gun so that he could get the gun from him and did not give the money he promised to give him.

Other suspects who are car snatchers including those who bought the stolen vehicles from them were also arrested in Kaduna and Kano. Two of the suspects, Dolapo Olayinka and Yusuf Ibrahim, robber and accomplice respectively; gave their own accounts. Olayinka said he only used his commercial motorcycle to convey the robbers who dispossessed people of their items. He recalled how they crossed a woman’s vehicle and took N20,000 from her at gun point.

The owners of the stolen vehicles were at the police command to identify their vehicles. All of them pleaded anonymity for fear of being attacked by yet-to-be-identified members of the gang.

One of them said his car, a Toyota Camry, was snatched at gunpoint on October 1, last year around 8pm and he reported at the Special Anti robbery squad.

He specifically commended the efforts of one SP Sola Aremu, the O/C SARS, Ogbomoso and his boys for going ahead to recover the car. He said: “I am full of thanks to the police. I never thought I could recover my car again. The SARS in Ogbomoso acted promptly. I have never seen police work like that.”

The State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Indabawa said, “sequel to tip-offs about a criminal hideout at a mechanic village, Iyana Church, Ibadan, a raid was organized and SARS operatives arrested the following suspected armed robbers: Olaitan Ayodele, Abiola Alaba, Oyewole Ogunwole, Adedeji Mustapha, Omooba Oyewole and Adedeji Mustapha. On interrogation, they all confessed to their past and present crimes within and outside Oyo State. They also confessed to have attacked and robbed two police officers.

All the people they confessed to have robbed were contacted and they corroborated their confessions.

In order to recover some of their loot as well as arms and ammunition, a search was conducted in the house of the leader of the gang, one Ayodele Olaitan along Airport Road, Ibadan and the following exhibits were recovered; one pump action gun, one English cut-to-size double barrel gun, one single-barrel gun, locally made cylinders and many others.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chief butcher for boko haram arrested

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Nigerian police released a statement saying they have arrested a top ranking official of Boko Haram, who claims he's the 'Chief Butcher' of Balmo Forest. See the press statement below...

    Following the massive onslaught by Security Forces on the activities of the insurgent group, Boko Haram, at the Balmo Forest Bauchi State, Police detectives attached to Bauchi State Police Command on Saturday, 12/7/2014 about 2pm have arrested one Mohammed Zakari, a male of 30 years old and senior member of the Boko Haram terrorists’ organization along Darazo-Basrika Road while fleeing from the intensive counter insurgency operations going on around the Balmo Forest. The suspect, who hails from Kaigamari Village, Daptchari in Darazo Local Government Area, Bauchi State is the self-styled “chief butcher” of the insurgent group at the Balmo Forest Camp and is linked with the recent slaughter of seven (7) people, including women and children. Findings as well as disclosures from the suspect will assist the Law enforcement agencies in tracking down some other members of the terror cell.

The suspect whom investigation reveals was tutored in the art of insurgency at Gombe Forest under the leadership of a fleeing insurgent, one Abba Taura and moved to Balmo Forest only three months ago, is discovered to have actively participated in the April attack against Customs officers at Kari Town, along Maiduguri Road, Bauchi State.

Meanwhile, the Police High Command has called on the citizens in the affected areas to be on guard for any suspicious or strange character fleeing from Balmo Forest.

It also calls for the understanding and support of the public for the efforts of the Police and other Security Forces in tackling insurgency, terrorism and other related crimes headlong, noting that although the war on terrorism is unrelenting, it is certainly not insurmountable and must be won with the cooperation of all.

Boko Haram: master minder of Nyayan bomber extradited Nigeria

Aminu Ogwuche, who is alleged to be the co-mastermind of the April 14 Nyanya Bus terminal bombing of the Boko Haram sect which claimed the lives of over 75 persons and caused extensive damages to property while scores were injured, Aminu Ogwuche, was on Tuesday extradited from Sudan to Nigeria.

The fugitive Boko Haram member, who fled to Sudan, immediately after the incident was brought to the Presidential Wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airpot, Abuja at about 3p.m. aboard a chartered flight.

At the airport to take custody of the fugitive Boko Haram member, was a team led by the Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade, Coordinator of the National Information Center, Mike Omeri, Force Public Relations officer, ACP Frank Mba and Deputy Director, Department of State Services (DSS), Marilyn Ogar.

It will be recalled that Ogwuche, son of a retired Colonel of the Nigerian Army, who schooled in Sudan, was declared wanted by the Federal Government on May 15, shortly after the DSS paraded some suspects in the connection with the Nyanya bombing incident. Also declared wanted was Abubakar Tsiga, the alleged chief mastermind of the bombing.

Augustine Alegheh (SAN) of Edo State wins NBA president

Barrister Augustine Alegheh, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria ( SAN)  has been elected President of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA).
Alegbeh, who is of  the Benin Branch of the NBA, polled 691 votes to defeat four other candidates in the election  held on Tuesday in Abuja.
The runner-up, Mr. Oladele Adeshina, polled  370 votes,  Mrs. Olufunke Adekoya (SAN) polled 255 votes, Chief Adeniyi Akintola (SAN),126 votes and Mr. Osas Erhabor ,17 votes.
Three of the votes were invalid and five were blank.
Delegates registered for the election  were1,728 among which1,482 were accredited to participate in the poll.
The President-elect and other elected officers will be sworn in Owerri, Imo State, on August 29 during NBA’s Annual General Conference.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Governor of Nasarawa State, Umaru Al-Makura to exit govt house with Nyako

News making round is that  Nasarawa State House of Assembly has commenced impeachment proceedings on Gover‎nor Umaru Al-Makura.

According to sahara reporters, the Assembly on Monday directed its Clerk‎, Ego Maikeffi, to serve Mr. Al-Makura with the impeachment notice for alleged gross misconduct and misappropriation of funds.

The notice was signed by 20 of the 24 lawmakers in the state during a sitting presided over by the Speaker, Ahmed Mohammed.

The 16-count charge borders on alleged extra-budgetary expenses by the governor.

Nasarawa has 20 Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, lawmakers and 4 All Progressives Congress, APC, lawmakers.

The governor is a member of the APC.

The notice of impeachment was agreed few hours before the visit of President Goodluck Jonathan to the state to commission a rice farm in Doma.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

AD and APC Crisis Claimed Four Lives Lagos.

Four members of Alliance for Democracy (AD) and All Progressive Congress (APC) lost their lives in an unexplained quarrel between the political parties. This caused a pandemonium in Ajegunle, an outskirt of Ikorodu town of Lagos.

A resident, Prince Eniola Ojajune told LEADERSHIP SUNDAY that the problems started as a result of fracas between supporters of two political parties in the area, saying in the end two members of a party were shot prompting outrage in the community.

According Ojajune supporters of both the Alliance for Democracy (AD) and those of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have engaged in battle of wits in the area for time and things got to a head when police tried to intervene in the latest crisis between the two groups.

Ojajune said two members of the AD whose identified as Abiodun Arowolo and Bolu Bakare got drown in the course of escaping from a detachment of policemen who storm the area when trouble begun as usual.

“Two members of the AD drown as they jumped into River Majidun when policemen stormed our area, precisely at Ajewole Street Thomas bus stop. Their names of the people that died are Bolu Bakare and Abiodun Arowolo.” He said.

He added that two other members of the community were killed by the police when they (community youth) tried to stage a protest match to the nearby Thomas Police Station.

“I personally led angry youths in the community to protest the killing of Arowolo and Bakare to the police station in the community but to our surprise, the policemen sensing danger opened live bullets on the protesters killing two others instantly.” Ojajune said.

As at the time our correspondent visited Ajegunle on Saturday, there was relative calm in the neigbourhood as the policemen seem to have restored order.

Efforts to contact the Public Relations Officer of the State Police Command, Ms Ngozi Braide were fruitless as she refused to pick her calls, she also didn’t respond to the text message sent to her as at the time of filing this reports.

Why a Wicked uncle poured acid on his nephew

One Rufus who lives in Ogwashi-Uku community near Asaba, Delta State has been arrested for deliberately  pouring acid on his nephew, a-20-year old Ebuka Okonkwo because Ebuka refused to take sides with him when the suspect had quarrel with a neighbour.

According to DSP Celestina Kalu, Police Public Relations Officer in the state, confirmed that the suspect is currently helping the police on further investigation, adding that the victim, a student of Comprehensive Secondary School Ogwashi-Uku, had returned from school and went for a private business and upon his return, met the uncle in quarrels with neighbours.

It was learnt that while the quarrel degenerated, the suspect had wanted him to take side with him; a situation he refused leaving the suspect with no option than to pour him acid kept in a container in the house.

According to the victim now receiving treatment at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), he had gone back and resumed washing of cutlasses which he used to kill cows after his school hours when unknown to him, his uncle had gone into his aunt’s room where he removed the acid used on him. “I never suspected my uncle had any bad intention towards me. He bathed me right from the left side of my face to the other parts of my body,” he said.

DSP Kalu added that the suspect would be charged to court upon completion of investigation.

Friday, July 11, 2014

How Muyideen Salaam killed and drained the blood of Rilwan Amuda for money rituals

One Ibadan man, Muyideen Salaam, a 35 year-old apprentice at Aketegbo community in Seme, Badagry area of Lagos, has been arrested for killing a 13 year-old boy, Rilwan Amuda, for money rituals.
The suspect claimed he resorted to money ritual after his wife left with their two children when feeding became an uphill task for him.
The suspect in his confession according to vanguard explained that: “ I was alone in the video shop club owned by my master when one of my friends named Nuru came and said he knew someone who could make us rich . He told me all that was needed was just the blood of a boy of about 15 years of age.
He said all I needed to do was to get the person since he had already contacted a herbalist. In my desperation, I told him we would take Rilawan, mama elewa’s son since I had easy access to him because he usually ran errands for me and sometimes I gave him money and used closthes. We felt it was useless to go out and get someone else since Rilawan stayed in the same area with us. I made him understand that getting someone was not the problem but taking him to the herbalist’s shrine where he would be killed.
When we told baba our constraint, he gave Nuru a ring and instructed us to just touch whoever we wanted to bring with it , that the person would follow us without hesitation.
On that fateful day, I called Rilwan and touched him with the ring . To my surprise, he became dumb and followed us to the shrine. We kept him there until it was dark .
When it was midnight and there was no one in sight, we took him away from the shrine and laid him on the ground. While Nuru slashed his throat with a knife given to us by the herbalist, I held a bowl close to his neck for the blood to pour into it.
Rilwan did not put up any resistance as promised by baba because he was hypnotized. And his memory was gone.
After we collected the blood, we gave the bowl to baba and carried Rilawan’s body far away from the shrine to avoid suspicion and dumped it on the expressway so as to give an impression that he was hit by a vehicle. We thereafter, went to bath with the blood as instructed by baba.
He performed some rituals fore us and mixed the blood with a black native soap and gave us to bath with after which he said we would become rich.
But after bathing with the substance, by the third day, we did not see any money as promised by baba. We were as poor as we used to be . We were so angry and decided to go to baba’s place to fight with him.
But on our way, Rilwan’s mother held me and asked me to produce his son for him. She said she was informed that he was last seen with me. She vehemently refused to let go of my trouser even when I denied. This caused a scene and people gathered around me and started beating me. Nuru who was with me managed to escape. Policemen from Seme division came and took me away. It was at that moment I opened up.
But Nuru who lured me into it is nowhere to be found . I am left to bear the brunt alone . If I had known, I would have continued working for my master where I was paid N1,500 every month. The most painful aspect is that I do not have a mother, father, sister or brother. I am just all alone in the world. I do not want to die even though I partook in killing somebody “, he said in an emotional laden tone.
After his arrest, policemen reportedly took him to the herbalist shrine where the suspect showed them the bowl that was used to drain Rilwan’s blood. The herbalist identified as Soji Akodiya did not deny demanding for a human blood from Muyideen and his fleeing friend but he stated that the killing never took place in his shrine.
Out of curiosity , this reporter was forced to ask why he looked so haggard and tattered when he could make money to take care of himself. In response,he looked at the reporter , smiled sheepishly and said, “you will not understand”
Continuing he said : “ Yes, I told them what they needed for money ritual was human blood. Because money ritual is one of the greatest tasks in our line. I told them they could either use their own blood for it but I believe they never wanted to and brought that of the boy. I was not around when the boy was slaughtered . I did not even know when they brought him. He was not even killed in my shrine….”
But Muyideen interrupted saying “It is a lie. You knew when we brought him. It was even you that gave us knife and a bowl to put the blood. You even told us not to kill him in your shrine for security purpose and you were aware we were going to kill him that night”.
But the herbalist ignored the interjection and continued “ I am a herbalist who speacialise in attending to barren women. I also help people to get jobs and also give charms to traders to sell more than their fellow traders. I collect, N50 to N500 , depending on what the oracle demands. It is then left for my clients to appreciate me.  I got money ritual charm from a colleague ten years ago when all herbalists went for a meeting in Ijebu-ode . Usually, what we do at such meeting is to help ourselves. For instance, if I have the cure for any disease and others do not, I will give to them and vice visa.
That was how the baba gave all of us ogun owo (money ritual charm)and instructed us on how to administer  to our clients . I have never used it before, this is my first time. It was even when Nuru came to me that I realised I had the charm”.
Asked why it did work for the suspect and his fleeing partner in crime, the herbalist relied “ it did not work because they did not follow my instruction. The instruction was to bathe with the prepared concoction nine days after its preparation but they used it on the third day. Had they followed the instruction, they would have noticed a total turn around in whatever they set their hands to do . Their businesses would have been lucrative . And if they leave N1000 in the bag, they would wake up to meet triple of what was there”.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How the decomposing body of a bank manager was discovered

The decomposing body of a 44‑year‑old branch manager of a commercial bank, Habeeb Olatunde, who reportedly committed suicide has been discovered. 

The late bank manager who was reportedly declared missing on June 18, 2014 was found dead in an uncompleted building at Arepo, near Ibafo, at about 3pm last Saturday.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, disclosed this, yesterday, in a statement, saying the Police detectives attached to Ibafo Divisional Headquarters, led by the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Salawu Jimoh, made the discovery.

Adejobi further explained that the command had circulated news of Olatunde’s disappearance at Ibafo Division on June 19, 2014, adding that the Police have intensified efforts to find him before his body was discovered after a thorough search with the help of members of the community.

According to Adejobi, preliminary investigation revealed that the top bank official committed suicide by hanging, adding: “While investigation was on, it was revealed that the deceased actually complained of stress in the office and was permitted to have a rest. He committed the suicide while he was on casual leave.

“His corpse had been released to his family for burial according to Islamic rites as no mark of violence was seen on the body and no foul play suspected.”

“The Commissioner of Police Ogun State, CP Ikemefuna Okoye, has commended members of the community for their support and usual cooperation towards achieving adequate security of lives and property in Arepo and Ogun State in general.

“The commissioner also commiserated with the family of the deceased, members of his community and his colleagues in office for the loss.”

Sunday, July 6, 2014

How a Son butchered father to death over prayer points

A 21-year-old undergraduate, Tolani Ajayi, of Redeemers University along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, has been arrested by Ogun state Police Command for allegedly killing his father, Mr. Charles Ajayi, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

The incident, according to the police, occurred on Tuesday, July 3, at their residence on Canaanland Street within the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s Redemption Camp.

Tolani was said to have slaughtered his father with a knife and later butchered him with a cutlass.

In attempt to conceal the crime, Tolani allegedly packed his father’s remains in a box and dragged them into the bush within the camp.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, said the police later recovered the remains of the 60-year-old lawyer in a bush along Canaanland Street.

He said, “The policemen who noticed the ground mark created by the box as Tolani dragged it, followed this lead which led them to the strange discovery.”

He said Tolani, a 300-level undergraduate in the Department of History and International Relations, was arrested the same day in his late father’s residence after the discovery of the corpse and police preliminary findings.

Adejobi added that the Divisional Police Officer of the Redemption Camp Police Station, Olaiya Martins, a Superintendent of Police, had led a team of detectives and some members of the community who noticed the strange attitude of the suspect while dumping the box.

He said, “They traced the ground marks made by the box to the point where the body of the SAN was dumped and thereafter traced the mark to the house of the deceased.

“When the police got to deceased’s house, the suspect was in a relaxed mood.

“When interrogated, the suspect earlier lied that his dad had gone on evangelism, but he eventually confessed to the crime when he was taken to the Redemption Camp Divisional headquarters.”

The suspect was said to have told policemen that problem arose when his late father confronted him for not responding to all the prayer points he (the deceased) was raising, adding that he (father) later slapped him.

He said he got angry and made a dash for the kitchen and picked up a knife, with which he stabbed his father, adding that he later used a cutlass to cut off his head

It was leant that the police had recovered the knife and cutlass used in committing the alleged crime.

Adejobi told our correspondent that the Charles’ corpse had been deposited at a morgue in the Sagamu area of the state.

The matter has been transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation Eleweran, Abeokuta, for further investigation and necessary action.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Boko haram:Police takes steps to flush out illegal aliens

In the bid to flush out terrorism in Nigeria, the police have embarked on massive arrests of illegal immigrants in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Kwara, Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa states, among others. This measures is specifically to prevent the Boko Haram terrorist group from spreading its attacks to the states.

According to Saturday PUNCH the police Force embarked on the arrests of large number of aliens in Lagos State as a way of flushing out those perceived to be security threats.

This followed an attack allegedly carried out by a female suicide bomber in Apapa area of the state on June 25.

The source indicated that hundreds of such aliens had been raided by the police from different parts of the state.

Though Boko Haram has been operating only in northern Nigeria, latest security reports indicate that the sect’s foot soldiers had infiltrated other parts of the country.

It was learnt that since the attack in Lagos, police as well as the Nigeria Immigration Service stepped up efforts armed at arresting illegal immigrants by visiting parks and areas heavily populated by these immigrants.

But the spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, Ngozi Braide, told one of our correspondents that the arrest of the aliens and illegal immigrants was not unusual, describing it as a “routine.”

She said, “It is not new. We go to uncompleted buildings regularly to raid aliens. It is just part of our normal exercise targeted at ridding the state of illegality.”

Spokesperson for the Ogun State Police command, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, said, “We are aware that there may be pockets of Boko Haram insurgents here. We are working based on that knowledge. It is only sensible to think that if the North is becoming too hot for the insurgents, they may want to come down South. But the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ikemefuna Okoye, has put in place strategies for this reason.

“Arresting illegal immigrants is just one of the many options available to us. Other security agencies are currently working with us on these strategies to ensure that we do not experience any violent attack.”

Saturday PUNCH investigation also revealed that the police had embarked on about 50 raids of identified hot spots in Kwara State within the past six months to forestall the incursion of members of the Boko Haram fighters.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Kwara State Command, Mr. Ajayi Okasanmi, in a telephone interview with one of our correspondents, stated that the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ambrose Aisabor, had invigorated strategies aimed at preventing the deadly sect from infiltrating the state.

He said, “We are not leaving any stone unturned to ensure that there is no infiltration of insurgents in the state. We have raided some hot spots in the state for over 50 times within the last six months. We have good relationship with members of the public who provide us with useful intelligence.” The Ondo State Police Command, in same vein, said that it was working with the Nigerian Immigration Service to ensure immigrants were scrutinised to prevent criminals from gaining access to vital areas and threatening the security of the state.

The command’s spokesperson, Wole Ogodo, said, that viewing centres considered unsafe were advised to close down so that terrorists do not find them as soft spots to cause mayhem during the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

“It is not just a blanket shut down; we advised them not to open because such places may not be safe. It is an advice,” Ogodo said.

In May, a joint taskforce in Akwa Ibom State raided markets and stalls in Itu and arrested dozens of immigrants who were later handed over to the Nigeria Immigration Service for verification and possible repatriation.

Saturday PUNCH investigation revealed that 612 irregular immigrants were arrested in Akwa Ibom and repatriated to their various countries of origins in May, 2014. The state NIS Comptroller, Mr. Abdullahi Garba, in Uyo during the week warned employers of labour against patronising the services of irregular immigrants, adding that they might be baits used by terrorist groups to carry out attacks on innocent citizens.

The Public Relations Officer, Akwa Ibom State Police Command, Mr. Etim Dickson, said, “We have a bomb disposal unit that takes care of anything gaseous or more. Although this incidence has not occurred in the state, we have taken a number of precautions like positioning our bomb disposal unit in public places such as motor parks, churches, airports, seaports or any other place that attracts large gatherings.”

According to Saturday PUNCH investigation, Oyo State Police Command are also working underground to rid the state of aliens, illegal immigrants and people of questionable characters.

In the last few weeks, plain clothed policemen have been present at major markets and bus stations. They mingle with the crowd but look out for their targets. The targets are people who could be standing idly in public places.

A detective, who asked not to be named, said, “The police will not tell you what they are doing to ensure security. Such information is classified. It is top secret. But one of the measures the police are putting in place is to pick people suspected of being idle, especially in markets, bus stops and public places where many people are found at the same time. That is the kind of target that the terrorists pick as target points in order to get maximum casualty figure.

Bayelsa State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Hilary Opara, said the police authorities in the state had sensitised members of the public to monitor their environment, homes and business premises.

On raiding of aliens, the police boss said the command was liasing with the Immigration authorities in the state.

Opara added, “Actually, the Nigeria Immigration Service has apprehended persons that do not have genuine papers residing in Bayelsa.

“Those who have uncompleted buildings have been asked to either complete them or evict those living there illegally.”

Friday, July 4, 2014

Nigerian soldiers waged war on BRT and Lagosians for the death of a colleague

It was like war zone at Onipanu area of Ikorodu Road, Lagos, on Friday after a soldier was allegedly knocked down and killed by one of the buses in the fleet of LAGBUS on the BRT lane.

The soldier was said to have been knocked down after he allegedly rode on the BRT lane and subsequently died as there was no immediate medical attention.

The driver of the bus, it was gathered, fled after the accident.

It was learnt that a few hours after the soldier, identified as Matthew Ishaya, a lance corporal, was knocked down, some military men from the Intelligence Unit of the Nigerian Army at Yaba, stormed the Onipanu area of the highway, demanding to know the circumstances surrounding the death of the soldier.

The military men were said to have been incensed that their colleague was allowed to die after he was knocked down when he could have been rushed to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Hell, however, broke loose shortly after the soldiers sighted the lifeless body of Ishaya in the bus that knocked him down.

They allegedly blocked one side of the ever-busy road, stopping any BRT buses plying the route, four of which were allegedly set ablaze.

The shed at the bus stop was also not spared as it was razed.

Some commuters and pedestrians, passing through the area alleged that they were manhandled by some irate soldiers, who equally barred journalists and itinerant photographers and social media enthusiasts from recording or taking pictures of the mayhem and that of the deceased.

A spokesman for the Army formation in Yaba, Lagos, Rightman Ogeh, however, denied that the soldiers from the unit burnt buses or harassed passersby or commuters.

Ogeh, who spoke to a radio station in Lagos on Friday, admitted that the soldiers from the unit were aggrieved that the man, who was knocked man, was allowed to die because no one took the initiative to rush him to any hospital.

He said, “A soldier, who was passing through the bus stop, saw the soldier and called the office because he could recognise him. By the time we got there, we realised that our colleague was inside the bus already dead.

“They said it was a BRT bus that knocked him down. He was riding a licensed motorcycle. So, why was he not taken to the hospital until he died? Of course, our men were angry and we decided that no BRT bus would be allowed to pass through the road. We did not stop others.”

Ogeh denied that the soldiers burnt the busses, accusing some miscreants in the area of perpetrating the act.

“When things like this happen, you will hear different versions, but I can tell you that soldiers did not burn the busses. It is possible that some area boys carried out the act. No one was harassed by soldiers; we only stopped some people who were taking pictures and wanting to film the area,” he added.

Source : punch

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I know what boko haram want: pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) President Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor spoke about the non-stopping attacks being launched by Boko Haram insurgents all over the country.

Speaking in Abuja at the National Conference on Voices against violence, Oritsejafor said the terrorists aimed at establishing an Islamic state in Nigeria, The Nation reports.

The pastor also explained he can’t think of being the one to lead the dialogue with Boko Haram: they "will not listen to me because I do not have the same ideology they have".

However the CAN head claimed he was not against the dialogue adding that the negotiators should be the Muslims religious leaders, traditional leaders and Muslim political leaders.

Related: Security Bust Boko Haram’s Intelligence Cell And Arrest Its Head (PICTURED)

"If we want to end the Boko Haram insurgency, we as Nigerians must speak the truth. That is the major factor. Boko Haram has an ideology, Muslim leaders should engage them and tell them the truth."

According to him, traditional rulers can render substantial help with the situation, especially in the north, mostly affected by insurgency.

Oritsejafor insisted that Christians and Muslims can and should work together for the sake of peace in Nigeria, adding that such cooperation should be based on telling the truth.

"They [Boko Haram] are out to establish an Islamic state. Most of these bad groups around the world want to establish Islamic states. I do not hate the Muslims but the truth must be told. So many Muslim leaders should take time and visit Christians who are victims of Boko Haram like we Christian leaders do."

Meanwhile more than 250 school girls abducted in Chibok, Borno State, by Boko Haram insurgents are still held in captivity since April 14. In the video released weeks after the kidnap the terrorist group leader Abubakar Shekau showed the missing girls and said they had been converted to Islam.

Boko Haram: Emir’s Son Arrested Over Suicide Bomb Attack Scare At Sa'adatu Rimi College in Kano

A man, believed to be the son of the Emir of Ringim, have been detained on suspicion of organizing a suicide bomb attack at Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education, Kano State.

According to several unconfirmed reports, one of the sons of the Emir of Ringim, Alhaji Mahmoud Sayyadi, who was driving his SUV car ignored the orders of security guards to stop for identity verification and forced his way into the campus. Such man’s behavior provoked panic and pandemonium, the university activities were immediately stopped as students sought safety in flight.

Later when security guards forced him out of the car, the young man confessed that he came to the university to meet his friend and has no link to the terrorists. When the threat has passed, angry students returned to campus ready for reprisal but luckily for the troublemaker he was detained by the police that was called by a concerned citizen.

The police applied minimum force to restore order and took the the suspect into custody. His vehicle was towed to the police station as unspecified amount of hard drugs were recovered from it. The case is still under investigation as the suspect’s identity is yet to be established. Commenting on the incident, the police public relations officer in Kano confirmed the incident and the arrest of the suspect.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wasiu Moshood Jailed 2 Years For Stealing a BlackBerry Phone

Wasiu Moshood, a 27-year-old man, has been sentenced to two years imprisonment without an option of fine by an Ibadan magistrate’s court for stealing a BlackBerry phone.

According to vanguard: Moshood was said to have committed the offence during the commissioning of a branch of Shoprite in Ibadan on Friday, June 19, 2014.

The phone which is estimated at N45,000 belonged to a woman, Adekoya Falilat, who the convict reportedly beat to stupor for accusing him for stealing.

At his first appearance before the Chief Magistrate, O. A. Amzat, the convict had pleaded guilty to the charges of stealing and was remanded in Agodi Prison till the adjourned day.

Before remanding him, the Chief Magistrate Amzat said since he had pleaded guilty to the charges, he should be remanded at Agodi till June 30.

When the case was due for judgment, the magistrate tried endlessly to make the convict tell the court where he sold the phone but he claimed he could not.

The court then delivered its judgment.

Prince Ayinde Oniru and Usman Arrested, Charged For stealing

One prince Ayinde Oniru, a 24-year-old man and Adekunle Usman were arraigned  before a Lagos chief magistrate’s court, sitting at Ebute Metta, for allegedly stealing from two women under the pretence of importing and delivering some goods to a Lagos Oba, His Royal Majesty, Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi.

The accused are facing an eight-count charge of conspiracy, stealing and impersonation.

The prosecutor, Feddy Asu, told the court that the self-acclaimed prince, his co-accused and his other accomplices, who are at large, had sometime in September 2013, in Surulere area of the state conspired to fraudulently obtain N470,000 from one Adeola Babatunde on the pretence that they would assist her to import some goods from abroad, which they failed to do.

He said the defendants fraudulently obtained some goods worth N3.5 million between March and May from one Princess Adeleke with the pretext that the goods would be delivered to a Lagos monarch, His Royal Majesty, Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi.

Asu also stated that the items that were collected from the victims included some note books, one i-phone 5, one i-pad tablet, assorted wrist watc hes, gold jewellery and cash sum of N250,000.

The duo were also said to have obtained N500,000 from one Jelli Elias with a promise that they would help him to buy a landed property at Lekki.

The prosecutor further informed the court that Oniru, falsely represented himself to a Diamond Bank branch as one Adeniyi Elegushi.

According to the prosecutor, the offences, committed, is contrary to sections 409, 311 (1) (a) and punishable under section 285 (1) and 378 (1) of the criminal laws of Lagos state of Nigeria 2011.

Section 285, prescribes 14 years imprisonment for any offender.

Earlier the defendants had pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.

However Magistrate F.I Adefioye, admitted the defendants onr bail, in the sum of N500,000, with two sureties in like sum.

He adjourned the matter till August 4, for mention.

Source:  vanguard

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