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Vatican Scandal: How Emanuela Orlandi 'was kidnapped for sex parties:

A teenage girl whose disappearance in Rome has remained a mystery for 30 years was kidnapped for sex parties by a gang involving Vatican police and foreign diplomats, the Roman Catholic Church's leading exorcist has claimed.

Father Gabriele Amorth, who was appointed by the late John Paul II as the Vatican's chief exorcist and claims to have performed thousands of exorcisms, said Emanuela Orlandi was later murdered and her body disposed of.

In the latest twist in one of the Holy See's most enduring mysteries, he said the 15-year-old schoolgirl was snatched from the streets of central Rome in the summer of 1983 and forced to take part in sex parties.

"This was a crime with a sexual motive. Parties were organised, with a Vatican gendarme acting as the 'recruiter' of the girls.

"The network involved diplomatic personnel from a foreign embassy to the Holy See. I believe Emanuela ended up a victim of this circle," Father Amorth, the honorary president of the International Association of Exorcists, told La Stampa newspaper.

The debate over who kidnapped Emanuela and what became of her has raged in Italy for three decades.

It has been suggested that she was taken by the leader of a notorious gang of criminals, who wanted to put pressure on Vatican officials to recover money that he had allegedly lent them.

Another theory is that she was abducted to be used as a bargaining chip for the release from prison of Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turkish gunman who tried to kill John Paul II in St Peter's Square in 1981, reportedly on the orders of the KGB.

But Father Amorth, 85, dismissed the "international dimension", saying that a Vatican archivist had also come to the conclusion that Emanuela was abducted for sexual exploitation.

A controversial and outspoken priest, Father Amorth has claimed that yoga is Satanic because it leads to a worship of Hinduism and that the Harry Potter books are dangerous because they encourage children to believe in black magic and wizardry.

Earlier this month investigators opened the tomb of Enrico "Renatino" De Pedis, the gang leader, in order to check long-standing claims that the remains of the teenager were buried alongside him.

They found his remains inside the tomb in the Sant' Apollinare basilica in Rome and also, intriguingly, other bones in a crypt nearby.

Investigators said the unidentified bones probably dated from the early 19th century, but they are being analysed by forensic experts to see if any of them might belong to Emanuela.

In 2005, an anonymous caller to a crime programme on Italian TV claimed that the key to the schoolgirl's kidnap lay in the tomb of the mobster, who was gunned down by rival gangsters in 1990.


Profile Abubakar Shekau, The man behind Boko Haram

Abubakar Shekau uses the internet to send out his messages
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Nigeria under attack

'My city of fear'
'They bombed my church'
Who are Boko Haram?
Need to know: Boko Haram Watch
Abubakar Shekau is the leader of the militant Islamist group Boko Haram, which has carried out a series of deadly attacks across northern Nigeria. Abdullahi Tasiu Abubakar from the BBC Hausa service looks at Nigeria's most wanted man.

The leader of the militant Islamist group Boko Haram is said to be a fearless loner, a complex, paradoxical man - part intellectual, part gangster.

Fondly called imam or leader by his followers, Abubakar Muhammad Shekau was born in Shekau village in Nigeria's north-eastern state of Yobe.

Some say he is 34 or 35, others that he may be 43 - the uncertainty adds to the myths surrounding Nigeria's most wanted man.

Radical theology student
Mr Shekau was once thought to have been killed by security forces in 2009 - only for him to reappear in videos posted on the internet less than a year later as Boko Haram's new leader.

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Start Quote

I enjoy killing anyone that God commands me to kill"

Abubakar Shekau
Boko Haram leader
The group's founder, Muhammad Yusuf died in police custody, and hundreds of others were killed during that massive crackdown - which many blame for making the group even more violent.

Mr Shekau has not been seen in public since.

Instead, still images and video clips of him are released from time to time, mostly online, by the group's faceless "public enlightenment department".

Mr Shekau is said to have met his predecessor in Maiduguri, capital of Borno State and now Boko Haram's headquarters, through a mutual friend, Mamman Nur.

Nigeria's authorities say Mr Nur masterminded the August 2011 bombing of the UN office complex in Nigeria's capital, Abuja.

All three were theology students - and Mr Shekau was seen as the quietest and perhaps the most radical of them.

"He hardly talks, he is fearless," says Ahmed Salkida, a journalist with such good access to Boko Haram that, at one stage, he was suspected of being a member.

Under Mr Shekau, Boko Haram has become more radical and carried out more killings
He says he only escaped summary execution by Maiduguri police after an intelligence officer intervened.

"He is one of those who believes that you can sacrifice anything for your belief," Mr Salkida says.

Mr Shekau is fluent in his native Kanuri, Hausa and Arabic languages - he does not speak English.

"I used to joke with him that he should teach me Arabic and I would teach him English," Mr Salkida says.

When Yusuf was killed, Mr Shekau is said to have married one of his four wives and adopted their children - perhaps, say sources who do not want to be named, to preserve Boko Haram's cohesion or "purity".

'Chilling message'
The group has a highly decentralised structure - the unifying force is ideology.

Mr Shekau does not communicate directly with the group's foot soldiers - he is said to wield his power through a few select cell leaders, but even then contact is minimal.

"A lot of those calling themselves leaders in the group do not even have contact with him," Mr Salkida says.

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Boko Haram: The story so far

2002: Founded in Maiduguri
July 2009: Hundreds of members killed when Maiduguri police stations stormed; police capture and kill sect leader Mohammed Yusuf
Dec 2010: Bombed Jos, killing 80 people; blamed for New Year's Eve attack on Abuja barracks
Jun-Aug 2011: Bomb attacks on Abuja police HQ and UN building
Dec 2011: Multiple bomb attacks on Christmas Day kill dozens
Jan 2012: Wave of violence across north-east Nigeria; Kano bombing kills at least 180

May 2012: Offices of ThisDay newspaper bombed, the first time media houses have been targeted
Mr Shekau has neither the charismatic streak nor the oratorical skills of his predecessor - but he has an intense ideological commitment and ruthlessness, say people who study the group.

"He is the leader of the more militant wing of the group as testified by his aping of Osama Bin Laden in his video appearances," says Abubakar Mu'azu from the University of Maiduguri.

Mr Shekau issued a chilling message in one of those appearances - which provides an major insight into what his leadership of the group will bring.

"I enjoy killing anyone that God commands me to kill - the way I enjoy killing chickens and rams," he said in the video clip released just after Boko Haram had carried out its deadliest attack so far, killing at least 180 people in Kano, northern Nigeria's largest city.

Mr Shekau is also the group's spiritual leader - and, judging by video footage, he seems equally comfortable delivering sermons to his followers.

"He has a photographic memory and is well versed in theology," Mr Salkida said.

He is nicknamed "Darul Tawheed", which translates as a specialist in Tawheed. This is an orthodox doctrine of the uniqueness and oneness of Allah, which is the very cornerstone of Islam.

But Nigeria's mainstream Muslim clerics do not regard Mr Shekau as a scholar and question his understanding of Islam - and regularly condemn the bombings and drive-by shootings committed by his followers against anyone who disagrees with them.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

President Jonathan Ignored Salami, Extends Acting PCA's Tenure

There were strong indications on Tuesday that President Goodluck Jonathan had renewed the appointment of Justice Dalhatu Adamu as the Acting President of the Court of Appeal.Adamu has served three consecutive three-month terms as the acting PCA head.A Senate Committee chairman confirmed the development.The senator said Jonathan's action was in line with constitutional provisions."I can confirm to you that the President has renewed his appointment and there is nothing wrong with that."Though Adamu's tenure as acting President of the court ended on Monday, the President has asked him to remain in office."The senator said the President's action must have been based on the recommendation of the National Judicial Council."The law does not require the President to make such appointment in an acting capacity with recourse to the NJC or Senate," he said.Section 238(5) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) provides for a single term of three months in acting capacity as PCA, while also giving the NJC the powers to limitlessly extend the acting tenure. While there was no formal confirmation of the renewal of the appointment by the President, a source at the Presidency, who craved anonymity, confirmed that Jonathan had renewed Adamu's appointment.

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Punch Newspaper's

Monday, May 21, 2012

Group seeks support for Special Peoples’ Law

The Lagos Civil Society Disability Policy Partnership (LCSDPP) has called on the private sector to support the government in implementing the state's Special People's Law.
The law, which was enacted in 2011, is aimed at safeguarding persons with disabilities (PWD) against all forms of discrimination.
LCSDPP noted that for effective implementation of the law, there was need for partnership between the government and the private sector to take advantage of the investment opportunities.
In a statement signed by Dr. Adebayo Adebukola, the group listed areas in which the private sector could invest to  include employment and economic empowerment; access to products and services, support for accessible public infrastructure, information, communication and technology, as well as support for inclusive education and advocacy.
LCSDPP recalled its stance at the last Lagos Economic Summit where it posited that investing in a socially inclusive environment brings direct investment benefits.
According to the organisation, the 10 million population of PWD in Lagos and the Southwest of Nigeria was significant for investors to consider.
"PWD access to education, health, social development and economic empowerment in Lagos State is rapidly increasing their purchasing power and consumption capacity which creates significant market potential for investors," LCSDPP said.
The group maintained that while the huge PWD population offers investors significant market opportunities, their expanding productive capacities will in no small way contribute to the manpower and human resource potentials in Lagos and its environs.
They further noted that asset value on persons with disabilities was steadily on the increase, even as their dependency status was reducing rapidly.
"The socio-economic prospects of a PWD were largely driven by aspects of ICT known as Assistive Technology, mobility aids and rehabilitation kits most of which are imported from developed nations."
The group urged investors in the manufacturing, assembling or wholesale and retail of these disability-support appliances to take advantage of the Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ) because investments in these areas were virtually absent in this part of the world, except for South Africa that was making attempts.
 "The fall in the dependency status of persons with disabilities will free-up more investable resources in the public and private sectors."
They maintained that investors who tap into the opportunity will have easy and direct access not only to the Lagos market, but also to the rest of Africa.
"The ability of investors to imbibe inclusive and disability-friendly practices in designing and organising work places and business environment, design, development, production and delivery of products and services such as: banking, telecoms, transportation, hotel, ICT, education, health, mass media, etc will increase turnovers and profits on investments as no potential consumers are left out," they said.
LCSDPP said a memo has been sent to the Lagos State government to approve and inaugurate the Public Private Partnership (PPP) on the implementation of the state's Special People's Law by the end of the second quarter.
"That Lagos State government empowers the Office of Disability Affairs (ODA), upon its establishment  to coordinate the Public Private Sector Partnership on the implementation of the law and that private sector-supported creation of 15,000 jobs and economic empowerment for same number of PWDs by 2015 at the rate of 5,000 per annum be achieved," the group said.
They added that the private sector should adopt and make provision for various degree of support to at least 15 public inclusive schools at the rate of five per annum with five in each senatorial district by 2015 among others.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doctor Who Amputated his patient's Penis, faces legal battle.

God created man in His own image. That means with all features for reproduction complete. For example, Enrique Milla had everything a man needs to chase any lady with boldness. Gloria saw this qualities and fell in love with him without hesitation. They got married and were happy ever since until tragedy struck during an implant surgery: His PENIS was amputated by Dr. Laurentiu Boeru, his anesthesiologist.

Enrique Milla has sued Dr. Laurentiu Boeru, claiming ....

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Lawyers protest in Aba, call for transfer of judge

ABA – Lawyers in Aba, Abia
State, yesterday, called for
the transfer of Justice
Theresa Uzokwe for treating
them with levity. Not even
the intervention of the Acting
Chief Judge, Justice Shedrack
Nwanosike, could stop the
lawyers' protest.
The lawyers accused the
Judge of not according
lawyers respect, alleging
that she treated them with
disdain. For example, they
alleged that on more than
two occasions, she had
punished lawyers whose cell
phones rang unknowingly in
the court.
In one instance, they alleged
that Justice Uzokwe stood a
lawyer up for two hours
behind the dock as a
punishment in the presence
of litigants because his cell
phone rang, while in another
case she was said to have
asked an elderly lawyer to
kneel down for the same
Yet in another case, she was
said to have directed her
police orderly to smash the
phone of a lawyer, in spite of
appeals from Chairman of
Aba branch of NBA, Mr.
Charles Eduzor.
On the strength of these
allegations, the lawyers on
Monday picketed High Court
2 which she presides over,
and in a resolution that
preceded the picketing, Aba
NBA called on the NJC to
either retire or remove
Uzokwe as a Judge of High
Court of Abia State.
Aba Bar also called on the
acting Chief Judge of the
State to transfer Justice
Uzokwe, pending when NJC
would take action to transfer
her out of Aba Judicial
Division and its environs.
Worried by the development,
the Acting Chief Judge met
with the Judge and
representatives of NBA
under closed door, but the
meeting was said to have
ended in stalemate as the
lawyers insisted that Justice
Uzokwe must be transferred
out of Aba Division.
Speaking after the meeting,
Charles Eduzor, Aba NBA
chairman, said they gave the
Judge the opportunity to
respond to series of reports
that bordered on misconduct
against her which their
members brought daily, and
which were equally
communicated to the Acting
Chief Judge.
"There were lawyers who
merely recommended
sureties to accused persons
and ended up in Police cell
for not producing the
accused persons. Meanwhile
the lawyer did not take the
client on bail. It is the
responsibility of the surety to
produce the accused.
"A lawyer's phone
mistakenly rang in court and
she ordered a policeman to
smash the phone and the
phone was smashed and the
pieces brought to court,
which is an act of malicious
"It is not a judicial act. Even
if she intended to smash the
phone, the lawyer should
have been given a trial, but
she did not give the lawyer a
fair hearing before
destroying his phone.
"Another lawyer's phone
rang again, she stood him up
with wig and robe, behind
the dock and that is turning
the law on its head. She
would have de-robed the
lawyer before punishing
him," Eduzor lamented.
The NBA chairman said if the
authorities refused to
transfer the judge, lawyers
would continue to picket the
court until she left the
division, either voluntarily or


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Khirbet Qeiyafa Excavations Find Evidence Of Solomon's Temple.

Archaeologists have unearthed a trove of artifacts dating back to the time of the biblical King David that they say closely correspond to the description of Solomon's Temple found in the Book of Kings.
Hebrew University archaeologist Yosef Garfinkel said the find "is extraordinary" first because it marks the first time that shrines from the time of the early Israelite kings were found. In addition, two small, well-preserved models discovered in the excavations closely resemble elements described in the Bible.
The multiyear excavations took place at Khirbet Qeiyafa, a fortified city about 20 miles southwest of Jerusalem, adjacent to the Valley of Ella where, the Bible says, the ancient people of Israel were encamped when David slew Goliath.
Excavations yielded a large assortment of pottery, stone and metal tools as well as art and cult objects.
Garfinkel said the people who lived at the site appeared to shun both graven images and pigs -- both prohibited by the Hebrew Bible.
"Over the years, thousands of animal bones were found, including sheep, goats and cattle, but no pigs," he said. "Now we uncovered three cultic rooms with various cultic paraphernalia, but not even one human or animal figurine was found."
According to Garfinkel, this suggests that the inhabitants observed the biblical bans on pork and graven images -- "and thus practiced a different cult than that of the Canaanite or the Philistines" of the time.
Not all archaeologists agree with Garfinkel's assessment, however.
"These are beautiful finds, but they are not special in that similar ones have been found in various places, and they should therefore not be connected in any way to the ark" or other biblical references, Tel Aviv University archaeologist Nadav Na'aman told the newspaper Haaretz.
Na'aman doubted, too, whether the lack of pig bones suggests that the inhabitants of the settlement were part of King David's kingdom.
"The Canaanites also did not eat pork," Na'aman said.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Court Judge sentenced man to 1 million years for child pornography

An Iranian judge today sentenced a 24-year-old man to 1 million years imprisonment for possession of child pornography.

Mohammed Kenare was sentenced Wednesday morning by a local judge who in his ruling held that possession of child pornography (video) is an act that could only be committed by a despicable and satanic person and that he (Kenare) should be locked up "for as much years as the devil should be locked up".

The move was seen as a lenient move by some international political analysts who said the sentencing (which logically means life) is a lesser one compared to the maximum death penalty such an offense would have carried at any Iranian upper court.

Mahmud Zakari, a clerk of the court told local radio that although the sentencing could be appealed, it is unlikely Kenare's lawyers will file for one.

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