Thursday, August 30, 2012

NBA Conference: Lawyers Protest, Shut Conference Center

Protesting lawyers,
Thursday, shut the main
entrance into the Abuja
International Conference Centre, venue of the on-going Nigerian Bar Association, NBA,annual
general conference.
The protest, which lasted over two hours threw the entrance into conference venue and adjouring areas into confusion.

The lawyers, who were
protesting against 500
percent hike in conference fees since the event began on Sunday, blocked the
entrance of the conference venue, which had been manned by fierce looking
security personal.
Lawyers who did not register and who had no conference tags were prevented from gaining access into the conference venue.
The protesting lawyers,
argued that entrance into annual conference venue was upon payment of practicing fee as provided in
section 6, sub-section 7 of the NBA constitution and not upon payment of conference fee as erroneously held by
the out-going national

They insisted they have a right to attend the Annual General Meeting, where the
outgoing administration led by Mr Joseph Daudu, SAN, will rendered account of his two-year stewardship.

Among those locked out
during the protest were NBA Third Vice-President, Dr Ogugua Ikpeze; General Secretary, Mr Muyiwa
Akinboro and Chairman of Council National Human Rights Commission, Prof Chidi Odinkalu. The lawyers barricaded the gate, preventing registered
lawyers being conveyed in buses from going in.
They also prevented people in from coming out as they engaged security agents in hot arguments, shoving and
pushing one another.
They insisted they have a right to attend the Annual General Meeting as fee- paying NBA member, whether or not they registered for the
"A lot of things are going wrong in NBA and if we keep quiet, things will spoil totally," one the protesting lawyer said.


Monday, August 27, 2012

A Man Mistakes Son For Monkey, Shoots Him Dead

A farmer in southern Nepal mistook his son for a monkey trying to steal his crops and shot the 12-year-old dead, police said on Sunday.
Chitra Bahadur Pulami had been climbing a tree to chase away
macaques that had become a nuisance to the family but his father Gupta Bahadur, 55, spotted the boy and opened fire, wrongly believing him to be one of the animals.
"The son was hiding in a tree at their farm to chase away monkeys that used to come searching for food
in the maize field," said Arun Poudel, deputy
superintendent of police in the remote Arghakhanchi district
"The son died on the spot after Gupta Bahadur mistakenly thought there was a monkey in the tree and opened fire. Our preliminary investigation shows
that the father was unaware that his son had gone to the maize field to chase the monkeys.
"Both Gupta Bahadur and the gun that he used in shooting his son are now under the custody of the police."
The three species of monkey native to Nepal, the rhesus and Assamese macaque and the common langur, are considered sacred and farmers normally try to scare them away from their crops without injuring the animals.
"I realised my mistake only when my son fell down and got stuck in one of the tree's branches," the farmer was quoted as telling police

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Boko Haram Finally Bombs FG to the table

In what appears to be  relief to president Jonathan's government on insecurity problem in Nigeria, the minister of Information, Labara Maku, said yesterday that the Federal Government welcomes the decision of the Boko Haram Islamic group to engage in dialogue.

According to a source, a man identified as Habu Mohammed, who was reported to be speaking on behalf of the sect’s leader, Sheikh Abubakar Shekau, told the Voice of America (VOA) in Mecca that the group is ready to negotiate with the FG.
He said the decision was as a result of the intervention of well-meaning Nigerians who advised the group to change its strategy in the interest of peace.
It was all joy at the villa when the news filtered in  that Boko Haram was ready to sit the federal government  down and chat with them.
Boko Haram has for long time now bombed and destroyed properties and citizens of Nigeria, especially security operatives who were sent to fish them out. All effort to quell them did not yield  much fruit in so much that at the mention of Boko Haram, Aso Rock quakes.
finally, they have succeeded in bombing the government to the table. We hope they will this time have mercy of our government .
I heard that the ransom they  demand is just a chicken change of N2,015. At least to compensate for the eight years Aso Villa was out of their sight. Then, the North will be happy.

The new development  made the minister of information very joyous when he called the guys known as Boko Haram our beloved children
In his statement, Maku said:
“We have heard the news. The position of government from the beginning has been that we are prepared to negotiate and dialogue with members of this group because we believe they are Nigerians and they are our children.
“It is a known fact that violence has disrupted social and economic activities in some parts of Northern Nigeria.
“We have accepted dialogue as a way of bringing the situation to an end as quickly as possible.
“We have always called on those engaging in violence to stop because violence can’t solve any problem. So we welcome the decision to dialogue.”

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prophet turns woman to sex slave, pretends to ‘anoint’ her breasts and private part

 The victim, 24-year-old Cynthia Nwanguma, said she was placed on a secrecy oath by a Lagos based self-styled prophet, Dennis Mmadu, not to disclose her ordeal to anyone or else she would die. Thereafter, Mmadu had free sex with her for seven days; pretending to be anointing her breasts and private part with oil. She added that the prophet also claimed he was having holy sex with her while he engaged in unprotected sex with her whenever he feels like throughout the period. 35-year-old Prophet Mmadu, is now cooling his heels at Kirikiri Prison on the order of an Ejigbo Magistrate√≠s Court where he is facing a four-count charge of obtaining money under false pretence, stealing and threat to life. Mmadu had engaged Cynthia Nwanguma, a student nurse in a marathon sex for seven days, claiming he would deliver her from barrenness. The nurse also lost N21,800 to the prophet. Mmadu from Imo State, met Cynthia at Igando, off LASU-Isheri road, Lagos, and he took her in his car marked TU 806 AAA to his house at 26, Oseni Street, New Oko-Oba, near Agege. She said during one of their sex session Prophet Mmadu prophesied to her that she had a strange illness in her stomach that would make her barren throughout her life time. She said he told her that she was lucky to have met him and promised to offer her spiritual healing so that she will not have problem looking for the fruit of the womb when she got married. She said he showed her some women and men as those who have benefited from his spiritual powers. But she later discovered they were his accomplices. She said she was still in shock over what happened because she did not know what came over her. She later discovered that she has been duped. After regaining herself, Cynthia demanded her money from Prophet Mmadu but he ignored her. She thus reported the incident to Igando police division. Prophet Mmadu was arrested and interrogated. He was charged to court for fraud, stealing and assault. The offence, the police said is contrary to Sections 36, 44, 312 and 409 of the Criminal code Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2011. He pleaded not guilty. The presiding Magistrate, Mrs. M. B. Folami granted him bail in the sum of N50,000 with one surety in like sum. The matter was adjourned till 16 September, 2012 for mention. He was remanded in prison custody pending when he will meet the bail conditions.

Pastor Emmanuel Inpregnates His Daughter Twice After Wife's Death

It appears many people do not think their actions through any more before acting these days. Obviously, taking some time to consider the consequences of his actions, observed, could have saved Pastor Emmanuel Alex of the troubles he’s in now. The pastor who is in charge of a new generation church in Egan, a Lagos suburb, has been arrested by the police for impregnating his 15-year-old daughter, not once but two times. Pastor Emmanuel’s daughter was said to have delivered two babies for him within two years. This happened after the girl’s mother, the pastor’s wife, died. They were all living in the same apartment at 33, Pastor Olusola Street, Agric, Egan, Lagos. Residents of the area said the Pastor Emmanuel’s nine children were not allowed to go to school or socialize with their neighbours and when he wanted to go out, he locked them inside his two-bedroom flat. His arrest was made possible by a sting operation by two non-governmental organizations in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, WAPA, Alausa, Ikeja. His wife was said to have died during labour in 2010 after giving birth to nine children. According to reports, while in labour to deliver the 10th child, the Pastor Emmanuel had no money to take her to hospital and he asked her to deliver in their house and in the process, she died. It was after she died that Pastor Emmanuel started sleeping with his first daughter and the act resulted in pregnancy. She delivered a baby for her father in 2011. While nursing the baby, the pastor impregnated her again and she delivered the second baby recently. The scandal was exposed during a burial ceremony Pastor Emmanuel was to be the officiating pastor. Some residents in the area opposed him and told those present that he had impregnated his own daughter two times. Pastor Emmanuel was charged to Ikeja High Court recently and he was subsequently remanded in prison custody. A source said the Welfare Department of WAPA has taken custody of all his children. 

Nigerian parents jailed for 7 years in the UK for Punishing their children

Down here in Nigeria, it's spare the rod spoil the child, but in UK, it is not so. You could get jail term for punishing/ disciplining your kid for wrong doing. That is why the moral decadence in the west has become worrisome to the morally upright.  

Some foreign nationals who do not want their kids mess around with corrupt elements are tempted to apply home discipline. 
However when a Nigerian family in UK tried the 'home discipline application, they got jailed for it. 

Read more of the story

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Federal Government removes transparency clause from new Petroleum Industry Bill

The Federal Government has deleted a provision, which could force it to publish how much oil it pumps and all the payments it receives from oil firms from the new Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), a thorough study of the Bill at the weekend revealed. The older version of the Bill contained the provision. The government had always promised to ensure that there was transparency in its oil transactions, which would entail publishing the exact barrels of crude oil produced and the revenue. President Goodluck Jonathan handed over the Bill to the National Assembly, according to Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, “To particularly trigger the much-awaited reforms in the oil and gas sector.” But provisions that would have forced government to publish the exact barrels of crude oil it pumps and all the revenue it got from oil firms – in an industry where secrecy is blamed for corruption – have been removed from the Bill. In its place, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) at the weekend stated that transparency could be achieved in the sector through the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act, which the President signed few days to the 2011 general elections. Group Managing Director (GMD) of the NNPC, Andrew Yakubu, who stated this, pledged to abide by the spirit and letter of the FoI Act in all its operations to entrench a culture of probity and accountability. But an oil and gas expert, who consulted for the government on the PIB, Pedro Van Meurs, told Reuters that the removal of the provision on transparency should be a source of concern for Nigerians. “Transparency provisions related to corporate income tax, hydrocarbon tax and production sharing were deleted. This should be a source of concern,” he said. “I expect the petroleum industry to be happy. I expect many Nigerians to be upset,” he added. When the law finally comes, it looks likely to be a botched job that gives favourable tax terms to foreign oil firms while doing little to satisfy calls for transparency and reform of a corrupt and wasteful sector. The Bill also gives the oil minister new supervisory powers over all industry institutions, including a new regulator to police downstream and upstream, raising concerns about checks and balances. Lawmakers had rejected drafts that did this in the past. It says anyone who “interferes” with the minister will be fined or imprisoned. And it allows the oil minister and the directors of state institutions to receive gifts, which will not please civil society groups calling for an end to graft. NNPC, however, pledged to abide by the spirit and letters of the 2011 FoI Act in all its operations to entrench a culture of probity and accountability. Speaking at the induction ceremony for newly recruited graduate trainees at the NNPC Towers in Abuja, Yakubu stated that ahead of the signing into law of the then FoI Bill by Jonathan, the NNPC had taken bold measures to open its operations to public scrutiny. “Long before the Freedom of Information Act came into force, the NNPC has been maintaining an open door policy which sees it volunteering information to its various publics through press releases, advertorials and presentations at different forums, including hearings at the National Assembly,’’ the GMD stated. He said with the formal signing of the FoI Bill into law last year, the NNPC management swiftly established a task force with the goal of examining the new law and advising management on how best to comply with the provisions of the law. “We have since internalised the contents of that report and as a corporation, we are ready to ensure that our actions and processes live up to public scrutiny. “Under my watch as GMD, I intend to abide by this principle,’’ Yakubu affirmed. In the bill, foreign oil companies like Shell, Chevron and Exxon will be relieved that tax changes are more favourable compared with previous versions. This could be a sticky point with lawmakers seeking a better deal for Nigeria. Analysts believe that the taxes foreign firms pay on profits onshore, which will be published under the PIB, will amount to a big cut from the taxes that are now levied in secret. Furthermore, the cut will apply both to existing fields and new fields, unlike in earlier versions of the law where tax cuts were only on new fields, the analyst said. Van Meurs says the government could lose 20-50 per cent of its tax revenue per barrel on existing assets. The PIB is meant to change everything from fiscal terms to overhauling the NNPC. Its comprehensive nature caused years of disputes between lawmakers, ministers and oil majors. However, the latest copy proposes few changes that will improve transparency. For instance, keeping royalty payments secret will not be allowed. Oil company profit taxes proposed in the Bill are also in the public domain for the first time but it does not require disclosure of oil sales, of other taxes like income and hydrocarbon tax, nor of payments to the government, including signature bonuses. Openness on such subjects is vital to clean up the energy sector, say campaigners. Detail is thin on plans to partly sell off the mismanaged NNPC, seen by experts as the biggest barrier to progress. Nigeria exports about 2 million barrels per day (bpd) but could double this with a better-managed state oil firm able to pay for its share of joint ventures, foreign oil majors say. NNPC was last month described by the National Assembly as “answerable to no one” in a probe into a $6.8 billion fuel subsidy fraud. It is accused by oil traders of owing billions in unpaid bills. The NNPC has rejected allegations of corruption or insolvency.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Wife caught Sleeping with Hubby's Best Friend

As friends we share things without being selfish. But is a taboo to share in one's wife not even your friend's wife. This man was however neck deep in sharing his best friend's wife whenever his friend was away. As they say, everyday for the thief but one day for the owner.
the man seen in the photos below was caught in the action of sleeping with his best friend’s wife. The husband felt so betrayed he had to make this as public as possible, he was betrayed by his wife and best friend in one day.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

20-Year-Old Nurse Used Sex To Lure A Politician into Hands of Kidnappers

Sunny Elueni
 Information reaching us is that the former Secretary to the Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta state, Mr. Sunny Elueni, and chairmanship aspirant in the forthcoming council elections was kidnapped during a sexual encounter with his 20 year-old nurse and lover, Philomena Ogbovoh. It was revealed that the immoral urge led them into sexual adventure  inside his car by the road ride. 
Philomena, who is  being interrogated  by the State Security Services (SSS), Delta State command, over the kidnapping, is said to have narrated how she used sex to lure Mr. Elueni into the hands of the kidnappers.

Sunny was kidnapped  on April 13 at a bush path along Oleh Road, Ozoro in Isoko North Local Government Area and his abductors demanded a ransom of N800, 000 to secure his freedom after four days in captivity.
Philomena confessed that she arranged with her boyfriend, Daniel Ubah, and another suspect, Kingsley Otuya to abduct Sunny. Jersey, the leader  of the gang, is still at large.

Philomena confessed that they stopped along along the road to have a nice time but, they were just romancing when her arranged kidnappers appeared
 “After parking the car, he collapsed my chair and his own too. He brought out his penis and told me to masturbate him and he was touching me. While we were doing that there, Daniel and his friends came and drew him out of the car and blinded both of us so that he was not suspect that I was the one behind his misfortunes and we were both taken to place where they kept us for four days until the sum of N800, 000 was brought as ransom before he was released.”
Her story was corroborated by Daniel, her boyfriend

The arrested suspects will soon appear in court for trial.

Four Okada Men batter A High Court Judge

Four commercial motorcyclists, popularly known as ‘Okada’ who attacked Justice Ogbogo Ejembi of the Otukpo High Court, Bennue State, have been arraigned for  criminal conspiracy, criminal trespass and serious assault.

The incident which took place on August 08, 2012,had it that  on Justice Ogbogo Ejemb way to the State High Court  Complex, his vehicle  was hit at the rear by one Agbo Athanasius, and Okada man, but judge who decided to ignore the issue, and was headed to the high court was flagged down by a traffic warden, immediately he was given a passage, the four Okada men pursued and caught up with him and beat him up mercilessly., an eye witness narrated.
Benue State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, DSP Daniel Ezeala, stated that even the traffic warden was implicated in the matter and he is currently undergoing orderly room trial
The matter has been charged to Makurdi Chief Magistrate Court presided over by Mrs.Theresa Wergba.
The accused person pleaded not guilty and matter adjourned

Qatar Grants $2 billion Loan To support Egyptian economy

Qatar pledged $2 billion to be deposited in  Egyptian Central Bank  help support the new president effort in turning around the economy of Egypt battered by  political turmoil.

Egypt economy that is currently facing a balance of payments crisis and high state borrowing costs, urgently needs financial aid to avoid currency devaluation.

Egypt presidency statement said."The state of Qatar has decided to deposit $2 billion at the Egyptian Central Bank,"

The emir of  Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, on his visit to Egypt on Saturdy, held talks with newly elected Islamist President Mohamed Mursi

Political unrest has chased away tourists and foreign investors and prompted government employees to strike for higher wages.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is expected to arrive in Cairo this month to resume talks with the government over a $3.2 billion loan.

Egyptian government expects a growth rate of 3.5-4 percent in the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

If new may opt for  austerity measures to help stabilize government finances and secure foreign financial help. On this ground IMF may consider granting Egypt loan.
 Meanwhile, Egypt has just cancelled the Constitutional amendment that gave the military wide power to do as it deem fit. In line with democratic change, this will go along way to strengthen democratic governance.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Religion Crises: Self-proclaimed Islamic Prophet arrested for detaining 27 children, 38 adults in an underground cell

Four members of a reclusive Muslim sect in the Russian region of Tatarstan have been charged with cruelty against children for allegedly keeping them underground. Police found 27 children and 38 adults living in catacomb-like cells, dug on eight levels under the home of the sect’s founder. It is not clear how long the children were kept underground.
The founder, 83-year-old Faizrakhman Satarov, who declared himself a Muslim prophet in contradiction with the principles of Islam, was also charged with negligence and arbitrariness on Wednesday, Irina Petrova, deputy prosecutor in the provincial capital of Kazan, told the Associated Press news agency.
No members of the sect, who call themselves “muammin” after the Arabic term that means “believers”, have been arrested, Petrova said.
The sect was uncovered in a suburb of the city of Kazan during an investigation into recent attacks on Muslim clerics in Tatarstan, a mainly Muslim region on the River Volga.
Satarov, a former top imam in the neighbouring province of Bashkortostan, declared his house outside Kazan an independent Islamic state. He and his followers began to shun the outside world in the early part of this century.
The sect, dubbed Faizrakhmanists after their founder, does not recognise Russian state laws or the authority of mainstream Muslim leaders in Tatarstan.
Satarov ordered some 70 followers to live in cells they dug under the three-storey building topped by a small minaret with a tin crescent moon. Only a few sect members were allowed to leave the premises to work as traders at a local market, Russian media reported.
The freed children have been placed in local hospitals for observation and will temporarily live in an orphanage, Tatyana Moroz, a paediatrician, said in televised remarks.
The cramped cells, without ventilation, heating or electricity, form eight levels under a decrepit three-storey brick house on a 700-square-metres plot of land.


Yahoo Plus: Prostitutes now Sell Used Condoms With Sperm To Herbalist in Abuja

It has come to our attention that used condoms are now being sold for huge amount of money to herbalist in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
Most of the marketers are said to be call girls and "runs babes" in the Federal Capital Territory.

Some of the patrons  who are aware of this bizarre act now pick their used condoms from prostitutes, and dispose it themselves so as not to get their sperm that is stocked in the condom in the hands of herbalists.
Most prostitutes in Abuja are now more willing to go out with men at any cost no matter how low, as long as they can get the used condom from the customer.
The herbalists who seek for the used condom do come meet their supplier prostitutes from 4:30 am each morning to collect and pay cash for used condoms.

The unholy act was uncovered when men of the Abuja Task Force arrested over 1400 prostitutes out of which over 80percent were caught with used condoms filled with sperm.

Although the prostitutes who were arrested could not give  accurate reason why the used condoms are of high demands by herbalist, one can not rule out the involvement of some unscrupulous politicians who may want to fortify themselves with strong charms or, may we simply say for  money ritual?
Your guess is as good as mine

A teenager has been jailed for breaking into her wealthy parents' home and stealing £7,500 cash

A teenager has been jailed for breaking into her wealthy parents' home and stealing £7,500 cash from their bedroom, after the judge told her he wanted to give her a
Tegan Doidge admitted burglary and was jailed for two months in a Young Offenders' Institution Photo: Facebook
Tegan Doidge, 19, spent all but £150 of the money before building contractor John Doidge realised it was missing and called in the police.
She was living rough in Ottery St Mary and Exeter, Devon, and was found with cannabis when she was tracked down and arrested, Exeter Crown Court was told.
Doidge, of no fixed abode, admitted burglary and was jailed for two months in a Young Offenders' Institution. She had originally received a community order but was resentenced after failing to carry out 120 hours unpaid work.
Her mother Melanie sobbed in the public gallery and was given special permission to visit her in the cells after asking the Judge:"Can I give her a hug?"
Judge Euan Ambrose revoked the earlier sentence after Doidge was taken back to court for the second time for breaching her community order.
The judge said he was reluctant to jail a 19-year-old who had committed no other offences but he had no alternative because she had failed to work with probation officers.
He was told it was not possible to put her on a tagged curfew because she is homeless and sofa surfing and staying with different friends each evening.
He told her:"In the language of past times, this is a short sharp shock to bring home to you the effect of not complying with this order but without crushing you or introducing you to a criminal lifestyle.
"Your community order was imposed for a burglary at your mother and father's house although you may have perceived it as more than a theft.
"It involved an appreciable amount of money, most of which was not recovered.
"You were made subject of a community order but failed to turn up for meetings or unpaid work on numerous occasions and the probation service have reached the end of the road with you.
"You have proved singularly incapable of fulfilling promises and the explanation for this is your chaotic lifestyle, living on friends' sofas." 

A Man hangs self over N750,000 Bank Loan

An unnamed 42 years old  family man and artisan by profession was  reported to have committed suicide on Monday night in Erigo, a suburb of Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, over a N750,000 debt. 
The deceased took  loan from a new generation bank in Ijebu-Ode, where his wife worked  before her sack.
It was gathered that the shame of his inability to repay the loan, which he used to complete his house, moved him to commit suicide.

News reaching us is that the deceased was on suicide watch  as he had made previous attempt to hang self in time past.

The man  hanged himself in his residence  when his wife and his two children were out of the house at
Odutola Ogunleye Street in Erigo.

A family member of the deceased said  before the deceased died  : ‘’........ he went to drop his wife and his two children in her shop with a promise to come and pick them later.
‘’He also went to his shop at Degun in Ijebu-Ode, but later came back home in the evening to hang himself. It was when the wife returned from her shop that she found the deceased body hanged, which made her to alert the people. ‘’

The deceased family said the manner of death was an abomination which requires a ritual  to be performed before the body could be released for burial.
 The matter has also been reported to Atan Police Divisional Headquarters in Ijebu-North-East Local Government Area for investigation

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lagos special court jails 32 Of The 52 sex workers Arrested On August 2, 2012

The Lagos State Special Offences Court, Alausa, Ikeja, has sentenced 32 out of the 52 sex workers arrested on August 2, 2012 between 12.01 and 12:30am to four months imprisonment.
They were arrested at Toyin Roundabout, Opebi, in Ikeja, Lagos

The sex workers were arraigned on three counts:
count one: being disorderly persons placed selves on the road for illegal purpose
They got Two months imprisonment each without option of fine

Count Two: conducted likely to cause a breach of peace
 one month imprisonment each with an option of N10, 000 fine.”

Count three: “unlawfully obstructing one Superintendent Taiwo
they were sentenced to one month imprisonment each with an option of N10,000 fine.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Three "one Chance" Suspects Mobbed In Abuja

Warning: Graphic Content
On Saturday at Mabuchi  in Abuja, a "one chance" taxi gang members were mobbed when they attempted to dispossess an unsuspecting victims of his bag and phone. The story by an eye witness was that "the victim" inside the taxi was noticed to be  in apprehension and panic. Passers-by who noticed this pursued the  taxi till it stopped. The victim then explained his ordeal that when he entered the taxi, the men inside demanded for his phone and the bag he was carrying. The angry mobs instantly descended on the suspects and leached them. 

Man Plunges to Death Plucking Pear For Girlfriend.

Mr. Éddy, a teacher with the Federal Housing Estate Secondary School, Calabar, Cross River State, plunged to death from a pear tree while trying to pluck pear for his girlfriend Vicky who came to visit him.

Eddy, who hails from Biase and lives with his elder brother, a serving permanent secretary with the Cross River
State Government at House 2, J Line Federal Housing Estate.

An eyewitness said
"He was at home last
Wednesday afternoon when Vicky came to the house.... and requested Eddy to get some pear for her and he obliged."

He climbed the fruits.
"But,... the heavy rainfall in Calabar had caused the stem of the pear tree to be wet and slippery so when
he climbed he fell with his forehead hitting the ground, causing his
forehead to swell to the size of a man's fist within seconds of the crash. An eye witness said.
He was taken to General Hospital, Calabar where he died from hemorrhage in his
brain. A doctor confirmed.

A Woman Beats Foster Son To Death For Stealing N50 To Buy Gala

A woman known as Iya Anu, was alleged to have  beaten her foster son, Seubow, (her husband's nephew) to death for allegedly stealing N50.(Fifty Naira)
 Iya Anu, was alleged to have previously physically and mentally abused/tortured  Seubow  whenever he misbehaved like other of her four children. 
On Saturday the 16-year-old Seubow misplaced a N1, 000 note given to him for an errand, as a result, Iya Anu starved the teenager throughout Saturday. When Seubow could no longer bear the hunger, he sneaked out of the house at night to buy Gala.
When  Iya Anu knew about it, she was so irked that he accused him of stealing her N50 and beat the teenager with suspected hot object from Saturday night till 9 am following day .

“She battered him till he gave up the ghost about noon.  When she realized that the boy had lost consciousness, she cried for help but it was already late.  At a point, she wanted to run away but she was promptly rounded up.”  a co resident said
 It was said that sometimes in the month of June this year, Isheri-Oshun Police Division   had questioned  Iya Anu, for battery the boy

“Also, she has in the name of discipline used a knife to injure her first daughter, Anu, on her shoulders over issues bordering on misdemeanor.
Alexander Akinnurun, the Proprietor of Alex Group of Schools, Ijegun, the school Seubow attended before his death, described her as a violent woman
Iya Anu is a serial divorcee and is at present with her third husband.
 She has been arrested by the police at Isheri Oshun.
It is of a bit wonder that her husband could not do anything to avert this ugly situation.
Iya Anu probably needs medical attention.
What do you think should be done to her?

Monday, August 6, 2012

18th-Century Mummies Help Medical Researchers Study Tuberculosis In Hungary

18th-Century Mummies Help Medical Researchers Study Tuberculosis In Hungary

Patience Orunma,teacher accused of defiling three-year-old pupil

Patience Orunma, a teacher has been arrested for allegedly defiling a three-year-old pupil at a private school in Berger, Ojodu in Lagos State for rituals.
The Police Comand spokesperson  Ngozi Braide, confirmed  that the victim’s mother reported that she spotted blood in the pupil’s private part on June 21 when bathing her. The little girl told her mother that the teacher used a pencil to prick her vagina in the school toilet and used a white piece of cloth to clean the blood.
The matter was reported to the school authority and the response of the suspect made the school authority to line up other teachers including the suspect for identification parade and the victim still picked the suspect. 
However, the parent of the girl who were not satisfied with the decision of the school authority  reported the matter to the Isheri Police Divisio. The matter was later transferred to  SCID 

 “The mother of the victim told us that her daughter returned from school and when she decided to bath her at about 8pm, her daughter began to cry when she was about washing her private part. The victim told her mother that her teacher inserted a pencil into her private part in their school’s toilet.

 “The mother reported the case at Isheri Police Division where she was given a letter to go to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja. After medical examination, the doctor confirmed that the child had been defiled.”

The police source said he suspected that the alleged crime could be for spiritual purpose but added that investigations were ongoing.
“The police at Isheri then transferred the case to the SCID where investigations are ongoing. The teacher however denied the allegation.

Man kills 8-day-old Step daughter for rituals

One Mrs. Gladys Emafuru, female, of Okunu village Jesse, Delta State, reported to the Police that her eight-day-old baby girl, has been  killed by her husband, the child step father, for ritual purposes.
State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Charles Muka, confirmed the incident and said the suspect, who is currently in police custody, confessed that he carried out  the act on the orders of a spiritualist in Ghana,
The PRO in confirmation said: “One Mrs. Gladys Emafuru, lodged a complain with the police that "..... while sleeping with her eight-day- old baby girl, the child’s step father walked into the apartment and killed the baby with a cutlass, opened the stomach and collected the intestines and other vital parts, concealed them in a black cellophane bag and was about escaping to Ghana when he was caught. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

River Surge: 2 farmers commit suicide over crops destruction

TWO farmers in Anambra West local government area of Anambra State have committed suicide following complete destruction of their crops as a result of sudden surge of the River Niger and its tributaries into farmlands in the area.
The two men, one from Orom Etiti and the other from Mmiata Anam in the local government, were among hundreds of farmers in the area whose farmlands and houses worth millions of naira have been washed away by the flood in the past few days.
It was gathered that the farmers borrowed large sums of money from the banks for their farming activities and the loans were due for repayment at the end of harvesting of crops by October  this year, which was why they could not bear the incident.
Two other farmers affected by the flood, Messrs Obiora Udemze and Akunwanne Okechukwu said the unexpected overflow of the River Niger, which came this year earlier than the normal period of October –November, took the farmers unawares. Crops destroyed include yams, cassava, maize, potatoes and vegetables and Saturday Vanguard was informed that though flood disaster is an annual feature in the area, it had never happened at this time of the year.
The member representing the area in the Anambra State House of Assembly, Mr. Victor Okoye has already visited the affected communities during which he called on both the state and federal governments to come to the aide of the people.
Okoye explained yesterday that some of the yams destroyed were the seedlings he donated to the farmers in February this year, adding that the flood disaster might lead to famine next year since the area is the food basket of the state.
The lawmaker had already tabled the matter before the House of Assembly under matters of urgent public importance during which other lawmakers sympathized with the affected people and called for urgent assistance from the state and federal governments.


Man defiles 4-year-old girl

Femi Owolabi, 25-year-old  was arrested  by Oyo State police Command for allegedly raping four-year-old girl daughter of his neighbo.

The state Commissioner of Police, Tambari Yabo Muhammed,confirmed the incident and  said that the mother of the victim reported at the Agugu police division that she found her little daughter coming out of the suspect’s room with blood all over her legs.

 Medical report has also established that the girl was actually defiled.

 Femi Owolabi was arrested at Agugu in Ibadan South-East Local Government Area on July 30. He is a barber and commercial motorcycle operator..
 The suspect, however,  denied having canal knowledge of the little, saying "I did not rape her."

NDLEA Arrested A Man With Cocaine In His Anus

Auspected drug trafficker, Obivuko Ifeanyi, was arrested  with 210grams of substances that tested positive for cocaine by Operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.
The drugs were found in Obivuko's anus when he passed through the body scanner machine during the inward clearance of passengers for Turkish airline flight  No.TK0625 from Brazil.
 Obivuko hails form Orumba North Local Government Area in Anambra State. 
On interrogation  the suspect said he took to trafficking in illegal drugs in order to give his in-law who died in Brazil, a befitting burial ceremony here in Nigeria.
 Few days ago, a pregnant woman was also caught at Nnamdi Azikiwe  International Airport, Abuja with about 900 grammes of drugs in her intestine. It shows that NDLA is battle ready to fight drug war

Friday, August 3, 2012

MOSOP Declares Independence In Ogoni Land

In a move that will evoke scary memories of the Nigerian Civil War of 6th July 1967 to 15th January 1970, the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP), led by its president/spokesman, Goodluck Diigbo, has declared political autonomy in Ogoni Land, claiming to be “acting with legitimacy to reclaim all of our rights, without exception.” The announcement has been greeted with wild Jubilations in the region. “By this declaration of political autonomy, we, the Ogoni people, are determined to enforce the United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, without fear or retreat,” Diigbo said in a live broadcast on newly established radio station, Voice of Ogoni, saying that self-government within Nigeria will secure for the Ogoni people, their indigenous rights, enable them to meet their needs and interests and finally end internal colonialism. His words, “Self-government became urgent, recognising the need to arrive at a consensus to collectively review the disputed UNEP Ogoniland Oil Assessment report, because any dialogue must be with the genuinely elected representatives of the people expected to enforce indigenous rights without dictation. “The reason for the urgency of self-government for Ogoni is the concern that in the absence of a responsive government that the indigenous people of Ogoni will continue to suffer from historic injustices. “In order to make indigenous rights practicable in Ogoni, we have, through a very transparent electoral college process, beginning with community by community elections, set up 272 village councils, while the village councils in turn elected representatives for 33 district councils and the district representatives went on to elect representatives to serve, at the centre, as custodians of customs and traditions, otherwise called lawmakers. “The law makers in turn elected the executive arm of the Ogoni Central Indigenous Authority (OCIA) with checks and balances inbuilt to ensure corruption-free, effective, efficient and answerable system of grassroots self-government instead of the old, corrupt and mismanaged local government system endured by the Ogoni for decades. “In taking these measures, we are quite aware of the discomfort to about 56 local politicians that control local government politics in Ogoni, however, we care more about the 1.2 million people that have for too long been excluded. He announced that a Transitional Committee was already set up to facilitate dialogue to ensure peaceful transition, within 30 days, while consultation with the national government and international community begins without delay. Diigbo emphasized the need for Ogonis to remain law-abiding and act nonviolently, saying, “we are acting with legitimacy to reclaim all of our rights, without exception, and for the sake of peace and security. Let no one test the collective will of the Ogoni people, because we will not surrender our indigenous rights anymore.” The rest of his statement reads: “In 1990, we the people of Ogoni presented the Ogoni Bill of Rights to the Government and people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in which the Ogoni nonviolently demanded among other indigenous rights. “• Political autonomy to participate in the affairs of the Republic as a distinct and separate indigenous unit (by whatever name called), provided that this autonomy guarantees political control of Ogoni affairs by Ogoni people; The right to control and use a fair proportion of Ogoni economic resources for Ogoni development; adequate representations, as of right, in all Nigerian national institutions, and the right to protect the Ogoni environment and ecology from further degradation as recognized under international law to which Nigeria is obligated. “Nigeria, a multi-ethnic nation state, a legacy of the British colonial administration, granted political independence October 1, 1960, after the British violated Ogoni independence in 1901, did not respond to the Ogoni, inhabiting their ancestral land in southern Nigeria. “When in the struggle for indigenous political autonomy; especially, in matters concerning confiscation of sacred ancestral lands for oil production without prior informed consent, there comes a moment to assert powers derived from the consent of the people and Nature’s blessings in order to protect, preserve and pass on inherited sacred ancestral heritage to succeeding indigenous generations. On behalf of the entire Ogoni people, I am highly honored to present these issues surrounding the proposed Ogoni Declaration of Political Autonomy. “30. That despite the fact that the “Nigerian Constitution” and other laws and policies provide for a local government system, in reality, the local government constitutional provisions meant to extend the principle of Federalism to its logical conclusion, by bringing the government to the grassroots level, do not apply in Ogoniland as a result of corruption and public deception by local and state political actors and the lack of enforcement of the shaky “Nigerian constitution” by the federal government; “31. That, this is because quite often local governments are frequently dissolved in Ogoniland without any explanation rendered to the Ogoni people; 32. That, essential appointments into local government service are often suspended for several years without information to the Ogoni people about the reason for such suspension, when the local authorities still operate budgetary provisions for needed manpower; “33. That the elected representatives who have supported this proposed declaration of political autonomy for the Ogoni people as they have bitterly complained that the present system of local government in Nigeria does not allow them the freedom to govern according to the wishes of the people; “34. That individual local government chairman has to remit monthly allowances in substantial amounts to those politicians at the state and national levels that put them into office; “35. That since local government operators are often imposed on the people, they, the local operators are required to compensate for the way they are often put into office through massive and violent rigging of elections; “36. That in the circumstance, the local operators, expected to respond to yearnings of their grassroots constituencies have become perpetually vulnerable to threats of illegal removal from office without reference to the electorate; “37. That, we the Ogoni people take very serious, the complaint by the Ogoni local officials that have confessed that they still hold office because they are able to settle their political godfathers, meaning political stalwarts that planted them as conduit pipe for siphoning funds meant to help in the development of Ogoni villages and wellbeing of Ogonis; “38. That the application indigenous rights will end this manner of abuse of power and mismanagement of public resources as the representatives of the people have been duly elected by the people in Ogoni, and controlled by the people and to end the system whereby politicians handpicked by political operators at the national and state levels, remain in office without accountability to the people as long as they satisfy those who put them into office. “39. That the local government employees, some in service for over 30 years cannot even afford a good meal with their families, but have seen politicians that come into the local councils buying houses in Port Harcourt and Abuja, even in overseas countries within six months in office. “40. That we believe that the Ogoni people are equal to all other Nigerians that now lord it over the Ogoni by means of indirect internal colonial rule through the corrupt local government system, which violates indigenous rights of the Ogoni people. Concluding Declaration: “Now, therefore, acting on the General Assembly mandate on the questions relating to the Political Autonomy of Ogoni in southern Nigeria, and in the spirit of the General Assembly motion DPA/001/2012, and its resolutions DPA/002/2012 and DPA/003/2012 adopted and approved on July 31, 2012; in accordance with the wishes of the Ogoni people contained in the Ogoni Bill of Rights of 26 August, 1990 as revised on the 26th of August 1991; expressing the collective will of the good people of Ogoni in the referendum of 2010 and the second referendum of 2011, obeying the command by the Ogoni people and their elected representatives from 33 district councils, comprising over 272 village councils, living in the six kingdoms of Ogoni, namely: Babbe, Eleme, Gokana, Kenkhana, Nyokhana and Tai and two administrative units: Ban Goi and the Bori National Territory; conducting this solemn affair in accordance with the United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples adopted by United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 13, 2007, guided by the purposes and principles of international law in accordance with the United Nations Charter, I, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo, hereby make this historic statement, to announce the proclamation of this General Assembly Declaration of Political Autonomy for the Self-determination or Self-government of the Ogoni people within Nigeria, today, the 2nd Day of August, 2012. So declared, and so be it; for the advancement of liberty in freedom and the preservation of the ancestral heritage of the Ogoni people.”

Man Caught Raping Goat

Are women scars ? Or is there some kind of pleasure just discovered in sex with goat? This question can only be answered by one who has experienced sex with goat. 

Today, one Victor Nnanna Onyemaechi, 40-year-old man,  from Amibo village in Umuahia South Council of Abia State was arrested by the Abia state’s police command on allegation of  having sex with a neighbor  goat.

The suspect  who was tied to the goat was paraded round the village before he was handed over to the police by the traditional ruler of Amibo community.

Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Udevioti Ezekiel, who confirmed the incident, added that the suspect has been charged to court.

Sex Palaver: Man strangles wife to death over sex

The 62-year old man, Christian Agbaga, has been arraigned before Yaba Magistrate's court, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, for allegedly strangling his wife
Regina Agbaga, 48, at their Lagos home.

The victim was reportedly held on her neck by her husband in the night on their matrimonial bed and
strangled her.

The incident happened at 10, Ligali Street, Ajegunle, Lagos.
He was arrested and charged to court for the alleged murder.
Neighbours said that he was forcing her to have sex in the night and when she refused, he strangled her.
"We heard when the woman was telling him to leave her alone and we thought it was husband and wife affair
only to hear she was dead in the morning," said a neighbour.
This made their neighbours to conclude that he was the one that killed her.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Man arrested on Allegation Of having sex with goat

A thirty five year old man is currently admitted in Soroti hospital after an angry mob beat him up for allegedly having sex with a goat that later on died of injuries it had sustained. The resident of Kapswhahili cell B, Soroti Municipality, was rescued from the wrath of fuming residents wielding sticks and stones, accusing him of bringing a bad omen to the community. “We can’t tolerate this, God made a wife for a man and a man for a wife, this is tempting to change Gods order,” the mob chanted. According to the deputy OC CID, Mr Micheal Anyonga said that the suspect was apprehended by a one James Peter Akuru on Wednesday 25.10.2011 at 4.00am after hearing the goat repeatedly bleating in an unfamiliar way. The goat belonged to his mother Amina Ayubu who was attending funeral rites in Busia. Mr Anyonga said that what prompted the residents to gang up and attempt to lynch the suspect was because there had previously been several mysterious goat deaths. The residents argued that the goats could have been dying in an unexplained manner because of such acts. Mr Anyonga added that from the reports they have got , the suspect could have been performing the act for a long period of time. Share This Story Mr Anyonga said, “We dashed to the scene of crime, we found the goat had died with some sperms coming out of its anus,” he confirmed. He said that according to the postmortem taken by a veterinary doctor, the injuries found inflicted on the goat were consistent with bestial acts and human semen were in its vagina.
Mr Anyonga said that the suspect will be charged of having carnal knowledge of an animal which is against section 145 of the penal code act, adding that if found guilty he is liable to life imprisonment

Task Force Arrests 52 Prostitudes

52 commercial sex workers were arrested in a raid carried out by the Lagos State Task force on Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.
Majority of the arrests were carried out at different spots in Isaac John and Toyin streets in Ikeja between10pm on Wednesday and 1am on .
The Prostitutes arrested so far are within the ages ranging between 18 and 34 years.
It was said that the unwholesome and rampart activities of prostitutes in the areas prompted  several petitions by residents of the areas against the sex workers.

Task force Chairman, Bayo Sulaiman, a Superintendent of Police, confirmed the arrest. He said it "is a criminal offence to solicit for sex by roadside.”

He also promised to "extend the raids to Lagos Island, Ikoyi and Victoria Island where commercial sex activities are on the increase."

Two Islamic clerics arrested for defrauding businessman of N30m Meant For Money Ritual

The Special Fraud Unit of the Nigeria Police has arrested two Islamic clerics, Fatai Bamidele and Lateef Ahmed, for allegedly obtaining N30m from Lawal Sulaiman, a Lagos-based businessman, under false pretence. Police authorities said the suspects obtained the money from Sulaiman with a promise to perform ritual to make him wealthy and invincible. Sulaiman said he was hypnotised and held in captivity for three months by Ahmed in Kwara State. He denied approaching the clerics for money ritual, saying he only sought protection from evil forces. 
 He said, “I supply fireworks and Bamidele’s shop is very close to mine. I’ve known him for years and I trusted him to the extent that I discuss my personal problems with him. “One day, he told me that he had a bad dream about me and that I would need special prayers. He said I would need to buy a ram and 40 Qurans for 40 Imams who would pray over the matter. I paid N125, 000 into his bank account to facilitate it. “After the prayers, he said a superior Imam in Kwara State needed me to come down to Ilorin to eat the heart of the ram. Initially, I was reluctant but he told me it was a matter of life and death. So, I went.” The 31-year-old victim said when he arrived Ilorin, he met Ahmed who gave him the heart of the ram to eat. He said after eating it, Ahmed showed him some charms and objects and told him to keep what transpired between them secret. Sulaiman said, “After I ate the ram’s heart, Ahmed showed me the charms and other objects. I lost my senses “I came back to Lagos and on several occasions, I gave them different sums of money. Sometimes, I would pay cash, some other times, I would pay into their accounts.” Sulaiman said when he became broke, he complained to Bamidele about his finances but he advised him to return to Ilorin and talk to Ahmed. He said the major chunk of the money he gave to the suspects were deposits made by his customers Sulaiman said, “On getting to Ahmed’s place, I remained there for three months. He kept on controlling me and I wasn’t myself. Sometimes, he would put my phone on private number and tell me to call my relatives and tell them not to look for me as I was abroad. “He continued to extort money from me until one day when he told me to go back to Lagos to bring more money. When I returned to Lagos, I became myself. I called the two suspects, recorded our conversations and then reported to the police.”
 The suspects however said they collected N10m from Sulaiman and not N30m. Ahmed, 45, said, “Sulaiman told me he wanted to be rich and wanted his creditors to forget his debts. “I informed him that there are two types of money rituals. There’s the one that a ghost will bring money at once and there’s another one that he will be getting the money daily. Sulaiman said he wanted the latter and gave me N10m as a gift. “I did not abduct him. He was hiding because he said he owed people. The ritual takes a year to perform and it would have ended in October if not for my arrest.” 
Bamidele, who accused Sulaiman of greed, said his share of the money was N2.5m. “After I did the first set of prayers for him, he said he wanted to become very rich. That was when I referred him to Ahmed. Nobody defrauded him. It was all a gift,” he said. 
 The Commissioner of Police for the command, Mr. Ayotunde Ogunsakin, who confirmed the incident, said the suspects used the money to buy expensive cars and renovate Ahmed’s building in Ilorin. He said, “During investigations, it was discovered that out of the N10m, Ahmed gave Bamidele N2.5m while he kept N7.5m. “Bamidele bought a Nissan Infinity Sports Utility at N1m, while his accomplice bought a Ford SUV at N1.4m and used the remainder to renovate his house. They will soon be charged to court.” Ogunsakin added that one of Sulaiman’s creditors had written a petition to the SFU.
 “The petitioner alleged that Sulaiman collected goods worth N13.2m but had not paid him since October 11, 2011,” he said.

Pregnant woman swallows 900 grammes of cocaine

A 38 year old pregnant woman, Mbechi Obiageli Susan, who ingested 51 wraps of cocaine, was arrested at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, on her way from Sao Paulo, Brazil by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA.
 Mbechi Obiageli Susan hails from Enugu state but resides in Brazil. When she was being profiled with the aid of a scanning machine, 900 grammes of cocaine was found in her system. Mbechi Obiageli who claimed to be three months pregnant, cited poverty as her reason for trafficking in drugs. Although it could not be ascertained if it was her first time. However, risking the rife of the child in her womb in this manner and, the fact that she was heading to Malaysia, where offence of trafficking in drugs attracts death, was an obvious case of suicide mission. 
So many of our people who live abroad have not come to term with the fact that Nigeria government are very serious with the fight against drug trafficking. If the countries where these drugs came from were as serious as Nigeria government in the war against hard drugs, the traffickers would have been arrested at the point of departure. 
We hope others should learn from this, and stay away from drugs

School: Untamed Paedophile Raped 11-year-old Pupil repeatedly.

A schoolgirl was repeatedly raped by her teacher, in the Indian state of Rajasthan for the past few months. Finding herself under threat from the teacher, the girl suffered a breakdown and had to be treated for psychological trauma in a hospital.

Detailed medical examination showed that the 11-year-old had been sexually abused and was scared of talking about the ordeal, reports news agency Press Trust of India.

The doctors and the girls' parents were able to gain her confidence and she revealed to them how she was sexually abused by her teacher who had threatened to kill her if she revealed the incidents to anyone.

The girl had been suffering for two months before she was hospitalized.


Armed Robbers Claimed To Have Killed Governor Adams Oshiomhole's Aide

the suspects
On the 4th May, 2012, the Principal Private Secretary to the Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomhole, Olaitan Oyerinde was killed by unknown gunmen at his residence, No. 65,2nd Ugbo Road, GRA Benin City.

On Wednesday, the State Security Service, SSS,  paraded suspected six armed robbery gang which allegedly killed Olaitan Oyerinde, the Principal Private Secretary to Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State.
The suspects' names were given as Raymond Onajite Origbo, Mohammed Ibrahim Abdulahi,  Saidu Yakubu, Chikezie Edeh,Hassan Bashiru, and  Sani Abdullahi Abubakar

It was learn that  "careless statements made by Ali Ihade, the security guard of  Comrade Oyerinde, at various times about his master’s position in government, attracted the attention of the prime suspect, Mohammed Ibrahim Abdullahi, who consequently hatched a robbery operation’’. Marilyn Ogar, the Deputy Director, Public Relations of SSS said while parading the suspects  at Abuja yesterday.

 The ringleader of the gang,Abdullahi, had instructed others to tie up the security  guard, Ihade so that he would not see his face. 
Rev. David Ogolor
 The SSS spokesperson said said the suspects confessed to have shot and killed Oyerinde because when he (Oyerinde) ran into his bedroom and attempted to go underneath his bed, they believed he was trying to reach out for a gun.

The suspects who were who admitted the crime spoketo reporters, openly confessed to have killed the late Olaitan Oyerinde, but said their action was in self defence, as he made his way to the bedroom after release of a shot to intimidate him.
They said they were armed robbers and had gone to the late Oyerinde’s residence purely on a robbery mission.
A twist to the story is an information which reached us earlier was that one  Rev. David Ugolor, a known activist, was also arrested in connection with the killing of Olaiton. It  was reported that one of the suspects told police interrogators that he was offered N20m for the job which he had received advance of N200,000.
Rev Ogolor was arrested after the suspect named one “David” as the sponsor of the murder.
Police sources said the suspect identified Rev. Ugolor during an identification parade as the “David” that sponsored the killing.

 Rev. Ugolor who appears to be a friend of  the late Olaiton's family was said to have had a drink with Olaiton the night  he was shot. He was also the first person that Olaitan’s wife called to take him to the hospital after he was shot.

However, Rev. Ugolor is claiming that he is being framed up for the murder of Olaitan.
More also,  the paraded robbers at SSS Headquarters,  Abuja yesterday, did to mention Rev Ogolor as their member or sponsor. 

Randy Jackson Attacks Michael Jackson's Will, Say The "Will Is Fake'

More than three years after Michael Jackson's death, his youngest brother continues to raise questions about the validity of the pop superstar's will.
On Twitter and cable TV, Randy Jackson has called the five-page document signed in 2002 a fake. The one place he hasn't made the claims is a courtroom, where legal experts say he faces almost insurmountable hurdles to invalidate the will and stiff odds against ousting the men who run the lucrative estate.
In a recent letter, Randy Jackson and three of his siblings called on Jackson's estate executors to resign and renewed claims that the will is a fake.
The letter states the family was too overwhelmed after the singer's death to meaningfully challenge the will that gave only family matriarch Katherine Jackson and Michael's three children — Prince, 15, Paris, 14, and Blanket, 10 — a stake in the estate.
"At that time we couldn't possibly fathom what is so obvious to us now: that the Will, without question, it's Fake, Flawed and Fraudulent," the letter originally signed by Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie Jackson states.
On Wednesday, Jermaine Jackson rescinded his support for the letter and said it never should have been made public.
The delayed challenge likely dooms any effort to invalidate the will. Even if it was thrown out, it would not alter the stake received by the King of Pop's three children, experts say and an appeals court has noted.
Randy Jackson has since posted on Twitter that he believes the estate is trying to isolate his mother to the detriment of her health. "It is my fear and belief, that they are trying to take my mother's life," Randy Jackson wrote last week.
The estate has denied the accusations. "We are saddened that false and defamatory accusations grounded in stale Internet conspiracy theories are now being made by certain members of Michael's family whom he chose to leave out of his will," it wrote in a statement.
Jermaine Jackson said Wednesday he still has concerns about the estate's operations but realizes "the way to address such matters is through the proper channels and via a private dialogue, not public conflict."
Almost from the moment it was filed, the will has been a topic of controversy for some members of the Jackson family. The pop superstar's father Joe Jackson attempted to get a stipend from the estate, but like his children, he was excluded from any share.
Katherine Jackson explored the possibility of challenging the executors and was given permission by a judge but settled before a full hearing was held.
The document is straightforward and simple, and many key provisions of how Jackson's estate is constructed are set out in a trust. That document has never been publicly released.
Many of the misgivings stem from the will's final page, which bears the signatures of three witnesses who claim Michael Jackson signed the document on July 7, 2002, in Los Angeles. Jackson's family points out that the singer was in New York on that day, a point the Rev. Al Sharpton recently bolstered by showing video of the "Thriller" singer appearing with him at an event in Harlem that day.
"I don't think that kind of extrinsic fraud would be enough to overturn the order admitting the will to probate," said Marshall Oldman, a probate attorney who represented Peter Falk's wife in a conservatorship proceeding.
He said the only valid argument of Jackson's siblings is that they did not receive proper notice that their brother's will had been accepted into probate. Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff accepted the will in November 2009. Any challenge would have had to been filed within four months, Oldman said.
The California 2nd District Court of Appeal noted in an October 2010 ruling against the singer's father that the period to challenge the will had already expired. Even if the will were thrown out, the court noted, California law would require the estate to benefit Michael Jackson's children.
"I don't see how you come in three years later, and say, 'oh, by the way, the will's a fraud, a forgery, because he wasn't in LA when he was purported to be,'" said Howard Klein, a probate attorney for nearly 50 years and partner in the Los Angeles firm Feinberg Mindel Brandt Klein & Kline. "It's something that should have been brought up a long time ago."
Randy Jackson, in comments on Twitter and to Sharpton on his MSNBC show last week, has repeatedly accused the estate's executors of criminal conduct. Both Klein and Oldman said even if the executors were charged with wrongdoing, it wouldn't open the door for more of Jackson's relatives to gain access to the estate.
Jackson's children are deemed his heirs without the will, and a 1997 version lodged with the court but never publicly released also doesn't name the singer's siblings as beneficiaries of his estate.
Klein said even if Jackson or other siblings try to challenge the document, their bid will likely be rejected because it is too late. The judge could also rule, as he did against family patriarch Joe Jackson, that because he isn't a beneficiary of the will, he isn't entitled to contest it.
"It would be a tough sell," Klein said of any effort by another Jackson relative to challenge the will now.
The executors recently informed a judge that there have been $475 million in gross earnings for the estate since Michael Jackson died in June 2009 from an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol. Jackson died with more than $500 million in debts, but the earnings have been used to repay many of the singer's creditors and provide a spacious hilltop home for Katherine Jackson and the children along with private schooling, staff, security, vacations and other perks.

Katherine Jackson has requested and the estate is recommending approval of a nearly $35,000 a month increase in her stipend so she can retain her own attorney, accountant and homes in Indiana and Las Vegas, court filings show.

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