Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mr. Salami And The NJC- the Untold Story- Part 1

I do not want to revisit here the whole issue that led to Salami's sack. If you have been following the trend, the suspension of Salami has generated so much noise from certain quarters that one can not help but wonder whose interest is being protected.

Salami was accused and found to have perjured by the NJC concerning his deposition against the CJN. He was also alleged to have been involved in indecent relationship with ACN political party and, in order to affording him soft landing without rubbishing the sacrosanct integrity of the judiciary and embarrassing the Nation, advised him to simply apologise to the CJN within seven day.

Wrong or Right- why is it always difficult for a black man to say I am sorry?
The chance for apology is gone as Salami has filed action in court challenging the propriety of such findings.

Every action has consequence(s). Salami has been suspended for his action.

The un-asked question:- is the suspension as a result of his refusal to apologise and poking a finger in the eyes of NJC or, the unspoken words of justice in exchange for wallet of silver?

In the Holy Bible, the book of Psalm 109 verse 8 : it says- "let his days be few and let another take his office."

Now, another has taken his office and, reactions from certain quarters castigate the NJC and, even Mr. President for replacing Salami in spite pending court issue.

Why accuse Mr. President or the NJC?
Why is the ACN party spearheading the Salami -must- remain- PCA- campaign?

First of all, I think it is senseless to allow vacuum in the Court of Appeal simply because, selfish individuals have their axe to grind. What about over Hundred Million Nigerians who are already fed up with the system? They should stop the clock to allow heavy weights finish their fight?

PDP political party accused Mr. Salami of corrupt relationship with ACN political party when call logs showed suspicious communication between ACN top members and Salami before delivery Judgment against PDP in Oyo state...?.

From the whole saga, the suspension and the do- or- die fight for Salami to remain in office is purely political.

PDP has gotten the opportunity to hit back on ACN and its hatchet man- Mr. Salami. And ACN's cries are not exactly for Justice or rule of law, yes, they are not far fetch... (Read my lips).

Where is the part of honour?

An African will always remain an African.

I my view, I strongly advise that Mr. Salami should take the path of honour and turn in his resignation letter instead of the unnecessary court actions.
For God sake, he was not born PCA.


  1. would love to see how this unfolds...


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