Sunday, August 7, 2011

» Police recover part of Rep’s stolen money

LAGOS — The Police in Lagos said, weekend, they have recovered part of the money  stolen from a vehicle belonging to a member of the House of Representatives recently in Alausa, Ikeja area of the state.

The House of Reps member (names withheld) from Osun State was said to have gone to the Ikeja branch of one of the new generation banks, where he withdrew N3.2 million, but unknown to him, he was trailed by a four-man robbery gang.

Vanguard learnt that he parked his car at the Alausa secretariat to visit one of the Commissioners and while inside, the gang, which drove in a Land Rover SUV, broke into his car and carted away the money.

The blaring security  alarm in the car drew the attention of people, which led to the pursuit of the robbers by  policemen from Alausa division, consequent upon which the robbers abandoned their operational vehicle and escaped.

A Police source said in the process, a bundle of N500,000 fell from one of the fleeing robbers. During investigation, Police sources hinted that based on information obtained from the licensing office, the suspected ring leader, in whose name the abandoned vehicle was registered, was trailed to his Akute home.

Police sources said: "But his door was met under lock and key. We were informed that he and his wife escaped over night."


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