Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A man kept Teenage girls captive for 5 years and fathered 5 Children

Mexico City prosecutors have arrested a man who allegedly kept his two teenage stepdaughters captive for five years, fathered five children with one of them, then killed the other young woman and one of the babies.

Jorge Iniestra, a 32-year-old taxi driver, beat one of the teens to death in 2009 and asphyxiated a 3-month-old boy he fathered with her sister by forcing the baby to nurse from the dead girl's body, prosecutor Miguel Angel Mancera said.

Prosecutors said Iniestra kept the bodies in his mother's home in the poor, crowded borough of Iztapalapa for a month, and then he and a brother dumped them on a road leading to neighboring Mexico State.

Jorge Ferman, Mexico City prosecutor for crimes against children, said Wednesday that authorities rescued a 3-month-old boy who had been severely beaten and is in critical condition. They also freed the surviving sister, now 21, and three other children, ages 2, 4 and 5, she had with Iniestra.

"This is an imprisonment story, a story of captivity," Ferman told reporters during a visit to the filthy room where Iniestra allegedly kept the two girls and five children.

The teenagers' mother, Claudia Tapia, was Iniestra's girlfriend and she recently denounced him to police, Ferman said.

Police arrested Tapia, Iniestra, his mother and several of his siblings Monday. They arrested Tapia for covering up the abuse.

Tapia, a 44-year-old school janitor, began a relationship with Iniestra in 2004, when he moved in with her, her two teenage daughters and a son, Ferman said. He said Iniestra forced the boy to work and often beat him with a belt for not bringing home enough money.

Tapia told reporters that Iniestra was manipulative and told her that he belonged to the middle class and that men of that status could have several women living with them.

Ferman said Iniestra faces up to 30 years in prison. He has been charged with homicide, kidnapping and child and domestic abuse.

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