Monday, September 5, 2011

Ode to UN bomb Victims.

Vroom vroom vroom!!!

that is the sound,
that flashes
exultic fumes
pressures to high degree
envy clawed to a halt
At the bottom of Nations.

Activities non-stop,
Those innocent shifts with promises to families hoping for a change
arrived early as always to their posts.

In the House of Nations, Babel of tongues fused.

'Young girl... make me a cup of tea ' one said
'Am I your wife?' She joked
' Are you a virgin?'
'We are five sister and all virgins'.
Her voice booms with virtue and moved to the stand.

Watching from the lot, the lonely man remained as dissident and soulless in his blind martyr drives;
His mind narrowed down, the clowds getting brighter and others arrived for their businesses.

The young virgin walked into his view,
beautiful like angel,
Sway like a wild gazelle.
Ravenous eyes turned
In their numbers with body aches...

Judging from their stand points, as if rehearsing a citation, he cried 'Allah kaaba ...'
Booooooooom ......

Smokes clouded all heavens;

dis-member bodies, singed hairs, burning flesh and blood paints shattered glasses, metals jammed, crushed to rumbles.

voices of nations wailed and, will forever cry in their consciences with torments in their peace.

What a wicked heart!
Will posterity ever forgive them?
Hope not.

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