Friday, October 21, 2011

2 years old Yueyue struck by hit-and-run trucks dies

In an alleyway in Foshan City in southern China's Guangdong Province, 18 passers-by failed to help a two-year-old girl who was twice struck by hit-and-run drivers. A woman who was scavenging trash eventually came to the child's aid, and the little girl who was rushed to intensive care unit has finally died

Late in the afternoon on Oct. 13 Yueyue was playing in an alley near the hardware store run by her parents. What happened to her was captured by a closed circuit TV camera.

As she walks down the alley a white minivan knocks her down, with the right front wheel going over her small body. The van stops just before the rear wheel runs over her, rocks backward slightly as the driver takes his foot off the brake, and then surges forward, with the right rear wheel running over the little girl and coming back down to the pavement with a hard thump.
Then, approximately ten seconds after the first truck had run over her, a pickup truck drove over Yueyue without even slowing down, with both the right front and rear wheels rolling over her.

Four scooters, three cars, and three pedestrians, including a lady with a little girl about five to six years old, then passed by. Passersby could be seen taking one look at the small, bloody, motionless body and then leaving without stopping or calling the police.

Seven minutes after Yueyue had first been struck, a woman who appeared to be scavenging trash arrived at the scene. She threw her big sack to the ground, tried helping the girl to sit upright, and then pulled her out of the center of the alley, while crying for help.

Over 18 people passed by without a move in their consciences to help the helpless little Yueyue.

This shows how morally decay the Chinese people have turned.

"The first driver simply said that it would cost a little over 10,000 yuan [US$1,568] if he killed someone," Wang said. "When the driver was interviewed, he admitted to knowing that a child was hit by his van. But he kept driving.

On this note, one would but, wonder the kind of God these people worship. For every soul is equipped with a conscience according to belief.

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