Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amazing!!! A Pig With Alien Features Born in Guatemala

In the remote Guatemalan village of Santa Cruz El Chol near La Cienaga, a black piglet has been born with an odd-shaped head that bears seemingly human characteristics.

The pig is one of a litter of 11 belonging to the Cordova family. Local residents are mostly disturbed by the strange-looking animal, which cannot feed itself and is currently being reared with milk via a syringe.

"I was shocked—it was a really terrifying experience," said farmer Laureano Escobar Arias, according to Metro Online. "It looked like some kind of alien creature."

Some locals believe it is a message from God to sinners. The pig does look very bizarre and seems to be suffering as it convulses in the video and can barely move.

Other people believe aliens are responsible for the monster's appearance because bright lights were allegedly seen hovering in the sky on the night of the pig's birth.

Local health officials have suggested that the piglet's deformities are due to an error of nature.

"We don't know for certain but it could have been caused by a genetic problem or by environmental pollution," one official said, according to Metro Online.

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