Friday, January 20, 2012

The escape of Christmas day bomber, Kabir Sokoto: My Conversation With A Bike Man

Conversation with an Okada Man

Me: "Along"
OkadaMan "N200"
Me: "why? Just along..,"
OkadaMan:" Na me cause am, I think you know how much is a litre? Well let's go N150."
So we commenced our journey.

OkadaMan: " Ogah, I get a problem I want to share with you."
Me: " I am listening"
OkadaMan: " My Inlaw has a big farm where he rears all kinds of animals- goats, dogs, pigs, cow and even fowls
Me: "Hmmm!"
OkadaMan: " yes! But recently, the dog among them has been destroying things and has also been taking pride in killing fellow animals. Even on our Igue Festival day, the dog set a part of my inlaw's barn ablaze. So many animals lost their lives in the process. The festival that usually brings happiness was turned to a mourning day.

Me: "that is bad"

OkadaMan: "My Inlaw, in fear and anger, invited some dog catchers to help catch and restrain the dog. I have never seen a vicious and fierce dog like that.

Me: "do you think the dog was acting alone?"

OkadaMan: " Not by any means. I learnt that It has the support of Fellow Dogs and some of my inlaw's friends. Even Fellow Inlaw Association cannot deny one or two association with the dog. They have constantly pleaded that using force to dissuade the violent dog might trigger chain reaction from some quarters and those sympathetic to It course.

Me: "What Course?"

OkadaMan: "That Bone, the best meal for dog should be the default food for all animals."

Me: "That is wrong, what about fowl that has no teeth, goats that eat herbs?"

OkadaMan: "Ask me. However, it took the combine efforts of over a hundred dog- catchers, Medicine Men, palace guards with bows and arrows, chains and cudgel to finally bind the dog.

Me; "Ah thank God"

OkadaMan: "Thank God? Hmmm! When the dog catchers were taking it to "dog house" Fellow Dogs in large group barked and snarled ready to attack, and the dog catchers numbering about Ten panicked and ran away, and the Violent dog was allowed to escape."

Me: "That is dangerous."

OkadaMan: " Ogah, My Inlaw in rage insisted that I was in charge of the Operation I must produce the dog otherwise he will take my wife from me. I love my wife and I love to be called a married man"

Me: " Yes, you must find the dog before It kill again. Why did you allow it to escape?"

OkadaMan: "Ogah, the dog was scratchy my palm, it didn't mean to escape. It was to go and come back. It said when I say Boko, even before I add Haram It would come back."

Me: "Was that the pet name - Boko Haram?"

OkadaMan: " No. Boko Haram is the accolade for pack of Dogs on Dog day. We use it for fun like Jack. The name is Kabir Sokoto"

Me: "In that case, look well, what you are looking for in Sokoto may just be in Shokoto"

OkadaMan. "Thank you Ogah, that is comforting. We have raised a bounty of N50 for any clue as to where about the dog.

His phone rang.
" Hello yes, you say? Yes yes. Astray? Aimlessly?, wandering and crossing to your village? I can't hear,,,, O you caught the dog. Good. Insh' Allah, haba. Lost memory? that is good. Insh' Allah. No problems.
By the way, are you a commissioned dog catcher? Yes... It doesn't matter".

He turned to me." Ogah you stop here, am no longer going, they found my pet, I mean my dog."

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