Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Is A Must Read! Some Of The Challenges We Are Bound To Face In Life

I am not here to talk just about making a living, but making a positive change in your life and in your environment. if only you know that everything is within your reach, you will agree with me that the answer to what you need in life is in your hand. You do not have any limitation. We all have something in our hands that will lead us to the point we desire. All you have to do is to decide what you need to do with what you have in your hands.
Most times in our lives, when we are faced with the critical question of what to do with the dreams in our hands, we tend to look for someone who is already made to help us. Yes, you might need help to do certain thing, but your readiness and sincerity to yourself will go a long way to realising your dreams, if only you always remember that the answer to each question is also in your hands.

We all have dreams, it's just that some of us do not know we have. Situations and circumstances of life can never be fair. Whatever you do with your life is entirely yours.

Let me tell you a story about this. One day, I walked up to my mother with a clenched fist trying to outwit her. "Mom, what do I have in my hands?"

She smiled and answered "the answer is in your hands"

"Ok Mom, you got me there. It is a butterfly I have in my fist. But, tell me, is it dead or alive?"

She replied again, "the answer in your hands."

I became angry and agitated. "what do you mean the answer is in my hands"

She smile and levelled her eyes with me,"If I say it's alive you will simply clench your fist tight and the butterfly dies, but if say it's dead, you will open your palm and the butterfly flies away. That is why I say the answer is in your hands.

Today, I thought about it and realised that, Like the butterfly's case, the answers to your dreams are in your hands and only you know what to do with it. You either clench your palms and let it die or open them and let it fly.

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