Monday, February 27, 2012

Can this happen in Nigeria?

The fear of God or natural inclination to do good is not mainly attributable to a particular religion. It can be seen as the natural or inherent composition of man to be our neighbours' keeper.

In medieval time actions of every man were based on conscience. Until various religions were introduced with each one trying or pretending to outdo the other on ground of piety .

In Nigeria, a country so berated for corrupt leaders and religious men, one wonders if the fear of God was ever felt here. I remember my father, when I was young, advising me not to play with some people because they were known to have stolen something from somebody. While it's true that we still have good people in Nigeria, the bad ones seem to overwhelmed the good ones.

Over times we find out that the need to amass un needed wealth or, is it greed of man among these 'religionist' had sort of reduced man to conscienceless being thereby casting aspersions on the ability of man to be able to do what is good at all time.

However, among the lots of men who pretend piety or religion zealous, there are some humble ones who though, they may not be rich, still have the heart of an angel. These kind of people are not particularly religionist.

For example Shawn Wyckoff, found a wallet, as small as that, he took all out to find the owner.

You may wonder the importance attached to a mere wallet! Wait a minute, the wallet was misplaced 35 years ago by Gean Brown Jr. while installing pipes in the attic of a Kansas home around 1976-77, he thought it was gone forever.

But more than 35 years later, Brown's wallet has been returned to him, reports.

For detail of the story click the link bellow:-

For evil to triumph, good men should do nothing.

If we have 30 percent people like Shawn Wyckoff the world will be a better place. You may then leave your doors open while you sleep.


  1. It is agreable that we have less than 30percent of good people in nigeria.. But who is me to judge?
    Chief James Akwari Iroha 'Gringory' is died!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I should have sent you this before now but I as a bit out of coverage. I really appreciate your comment

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