Friday, March 16, 2012

Wife ripped out husband's intestine with a knife

What initially looked like a normal fight between a Nigerian couple over sex, turned bloody when the wife stabbed the husband several times, resulting in the untimely death of a 42-year-old man at Asokore Mampong in Kumasi.

Rashida Yetunde, 37, allegedly used a sharp knife to stab Maruuf Akinjobi three times in the chest, sending the stoutly-built man down, before stabbing him again on countless occasions in the abdomen when the deceased allegedly tried raping her.

The intestines of Maruuf gushed out as he bled profusely amid wailing for help in their locked room on Tuesday around 10:30p.m, the police told Daily Guide.

The suspect, after committing the heinous crime, left the man to his fate in the locked room, threw the knife into a nearby bush and fled with her five-year-old son in the dark to avert being apprehended.

Some Good Samaritans residing in the same house who heard the dying man crying for help forcibly broke into the room and quickly sent him to hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival..

Briefing Daily Guide, the Asawase District Police Commander, DSP Nana Kumi, said the stabbed man was initially sent to the police station by his helpers and he was issued with a medical form to visit the hospital for treatment but it was too late.

The police chief noted that suspect Rashida personally visited the police station around 4:00a.m on Wednesday to report that she stabbed her husband the previous night during a fight.

Aware that the man had passed away, the police decided to detain the lady to assist in investigations.

Her five-year-old son with the deceased has been given to the family of the departed husband to take care of.

DSP Kumi disclosed that Rashida, during interrogation, said she met the deceased in Benin where he proposed love to her which she agreed to in 2004.

According to her, her late husband, whilst proposing to her, said he had divorced his wife so he was single.

The suspect said some years later, she realised that her husband was befriending her friend who lived with them in the same house at Nima, adding that she also detected that the husband was also having an affair with his ex-wife who resided in Nigeria.

Rashida became angry because she thought the husband was cheating on her so she moved from the deceased's Nima house in Kumasi to live at Asokore Mampong with her five-year-old son.

On Tuesday evening, the suspect was with her son in their room at Asokore Mampong when the estranged husband visited her around 10:30p.m.

Rashida claimed the husband owed her an amount of money and therefore demanded for it.

The husband replied that he was not in the position to pay the money to her and pleaded that Rashida should allow him to travel to Nigeria on a business trip, promising to settle the debt on his return.

The suspect refused to accept her husband's plea so she held his shirt insisting that until the husband settled the debt, she would not allow him to leave the room.

Suddenly, a skirmish ensued between the couple and Rashida claimed that her husband assaulted her during the brawl until tempers were calmed down and peace was restored between the two.

About 30 minutes after the brawl, Akinjobi pleaded with his wife to have sex with him but Rashida who was still angry, stressed that she would not allow a man who had just beaten her to sleep with her.

Her refusal to go to bed with him infuriated Akinjobi, Rashida said, adding that the deceased then pushed her against a table in the room and then tried to rape her.

She said in an attempt to scare away her husband from raping her, she picked a sharp knife which she used to stab the man on the chest which dazed him and sent him to the floor. She then stabbed him several times in the stomach before fleeing.

DSP Kumi noted that after narrating her story, the police took Rashida to the crime scene and the entire room was covered with blood stains but the knife which the lady used to commit the crime could not be traced.

The police commander said when they asked Rashida about where she kept the knife; she retorted that she could not remember.

The five-year-old boy who saw where his mother threw the knife then stunned all present by leading the police to where the knife was placed.

DSP Kumi said the police would soon arraign the suspect.


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