Saturday, July 7, 2012

Husband sues prodigal wife who returns after 20 years

Her husband, Adeagbo Busari, had since married another woman and had kids. Bukola herself had tried her luck with another man and got a child too.

But fate had not been kind to Bukola. Her second husband died, leaving her virtually destitute with a child of fifteen. Now she desperately needed a home to call her own.

She therefore decided to return to the husband of her youth (oko aaro in Yoruba). After all, she probably thought, she had four children for Busari: Akeem (M) 37, Muritala (M) 35, Samsondeen (M) 32 and Moshood (M) 27.

Adeagbo is however uncomfortable with the development. He therefore headed to the customary court (Igbeyinadun) in the Oshodi.

He is seeking the dissolution of the marriage he contracted with the respondent in 1975 under the Native Laws and Customs, on the grounds that

- They had been separated for over 20 years

- That Bukola has returned to his house to threaten his life and that of the children.

- That there is no more love to sustain the marriage.

The petitioner was however absent in court but was represented by his counsel while the responded, who was accompanied by one of her children, Samsondeen, was present.

In court, Bukola did not look too well. Asked if she had secured another apartment, she answered in the affirmative, but when asked the address of her new apartment, she mentioned No 24, Olatunbosun Street, Ewutuntun, Oshodi, the very same residence from which the petitioner, Adeagbo’s is seeking her ejection.

Samsodeen, who was asked how they have been coping with her, said, “My father owns the three bedroom apartment. He has a room to himself, his second wife occupied the second room, while my brothers and I with the three children of the second wife, making seven of us altogether, occupy the third room. We all slept together in that room, until my mother came in.

“But because we felt my mother needed rest because of her state of health, we all vacated the room for her, and have since been sleeping in the sitting room,” he said.

The acting president of the court, Mrs. Iyabode Adetola, advised Samsondeen, that his mother, bukola, needed more care, both by her children, and her former husband, Adeagbo, because of her state of health. She also suggested that the respondent be given adequate medical attention, and that her children should plead with their father, who wants her out of the house, to give them more time, to get another apartment for her.

The case was adjourned till August 8, 2012.

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