Saturday, October 27, 2012

At Least, We Still Have Honest Men In Nigeria

The World has not completely gone banana. At least, in Nigeria, we still have honest people. I am not talking about politicians, but the very ordinary man on the street who is struggling to meet daily needs.

I met a young man yesterday, a taxi driver, who actually beats my imagination. He was looking really disturbed because somebody left a bag containing money in his cab. Dollars at that matter.

 He drew my attention to it and was worried that the owner might be looking for the bag. I became interested in the young man.  Together, we drove round looking for the owner of the bag. He abandoned his work in search of the owner of the bag.

We went back to various point he had passed through that day trying to locate the person.  At a point, I asked him why he was bent on returning the money, "with this kind money, you don't need to drive cab. You are  rich." I told him

 He reply 'the bag is not mine, taking it will amount to stealing."
Immediately, my mind reflect on our politicians. I imagine election by the corner and, such money, either from either as charity fund or, from ministry, or even as teachers or pensioners' salary, is discovered by a contesting can fill the rest in.

At last, we met the disturbed woman that owns the bag of money, walking aimlessly like madwoman. 
Immediately we alighted from the cab, the woman ran to us and said "you are the taxi driver, my bag, my bag my bag. Not my money oh......". 
Relax, that is why we are here, I told her. 
We handed over the bag to her and she checked frantically, muttering "oh my God, oh my God!!" Everything was intact. She was very happy. 
"At least, there are still honest men in Nigeria," She exhaled.

Were we foolish or wise?

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