Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Am Not A Poor Man

Poverty, as much as it’s a test of hardship, it’s largely your state of mind. Most successful people see it is a road map, a key to success/ prosperity for a wise and a diligent man. It has been argued that fortune only abides with him that employs, in his poor heart, the instrument of wisdom and diligence in his work so that in prudence, he becomes successful/ prosperous.

It has also been argued that poverty does not mean total lack but, the lack of satisfaction or contentment for the one you have. While it takes lacks to acquire that you don’t have. In your want, one is a lack for two to the infinite until, the momentum hits your greed, you may not know that one is better than all the piles you may never need.

Subjectively, poverty is that reminder, that alarm that triggers when your wants are not met by your have. Then, your press to meet the mark of your needs! It is not the apple cat spilling everywhere, it is not the running over, or a keg of wine, but, that level of content, a drop or even a pitch without hurt, without deadness of mind, that makes you happy, fulfilled that even those that abide by you, celebrate it with joy.

Poverty shouldn’t and can not breed sorrow to a wise and diligent man, rather, it makes him resolute, it instills in him a mind set, boldness to confront the error, and it makes him to set the clock, so that he meets his needs and the needs of others, immediate or otherwise.

In the spiritual, you are not actually poor, if you know the wealth within you. Nature does not have a place for nothing. As long as there is intercourse between the earth and the heaven, rain must come into the womb of the earth. And all plants will surely blossom. For out of the earth they were taken, so it must return. The factors that perform the miracle are none of our concern. They work sincerely in silence and obscurity, but the result is made manifest openly. This is the blessing, whether of nature or of man, it is the anointing that flows from heaven unto the earth or from the crown unto the soles. This is the mystery that makes life a success.

Poverty that makes one miserable is foisted on man by a fellow man. This type that first feeds on your mind to destroys your strength and reduces your self worth with a utopia promise. And, you become a prey to predators that specialize in devouring the weak. These predators are in all areas of life. Some politicians in developing countries have in their fear and greed induced poverty, and have become kleptomaniac to the plundering of that region at the expense of the citizenry. The citizens now lack everything from stable electricity to good road, and portable water becomes unaffordable.

 In another area, the anointing of blessing in you is systematically guided and channeled by another in presumed authority of spiritual callings, to flow from the feet to the head with testimonies by those (hypnotized with the fear of disasters) who have obeyed; and you are encourage to discard the belief in hard work and self worth but that, prosperity is embedded in flukes and mysteries that break the yoke of stagnations. This is where poverty actually devours the truth of happiness and contentedness as the fulfillment of life. In the guiles to take that which you have, you are bamboozled into a belief system of building empires for the head where the riches of heaven will trickle down to the feet. So that, even the little you have is taken from you and added to the one of such whose pot is already full.

These people, by their greed, are the poor in our society. In their abundance, they are always in want. They con, steal, defraud and attempt to destroy others by instilling the fear of God? No, of hell to fleece the flocks

It is hard to say that, he that never hunger will assuredly knows the real taste of food. Even as one born into affluence will hardly understands what it takes not to have.

Poverty is a stepping stone to success or prosperity, not meant to hold you bound in some religion utopia promises.


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