Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lightning Kills An Entire Football Team

Football as a game helps to bring people of different ethnic groups, different races and nationalities together. The contest is always keen and fierce. it is a sought of entertainment people always look forward to.
At every nook and cranny, you see adults, children and even toddlers learn the practice of football. You will see then on the streets playing and, even in the compounds family do engage in the act of footballing.

In the contest of football, matches and set between two opposing teams. Winner is crowned for another challenger either with the Same contender or with another team who may also be eyeing the crown of being the best.
It has always be so though with little violence here and there among fans but, seldom against the players themselves.

However, the tide of football violence has drastically turned differently in Central Africa. The attack is now on the players. This time not with sticks, stones or broken bottles but, allegedly with supernatural powers of witchcrafts.

Recently, "FOOTBALL FANS in the central African state of Congo were hurling accusations of witchcraft at each other yesterday after a freak blast of lightning struck dead an entire team on the playing field while their opponents were left completely untouched."

The bizarre blow by the weather to all 11 members of the football team was reported in the daily newspaper L'Avenir in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo.

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