Friday, February 3, 2012

Patient 'Recorded' Sex Session To Nail A Doctor

From the days of old to this moment, sex has ruined great men, men and women of rather impeccable characters only to be exposed as sex perverts.
Is it that one person[wife or husband] is not enough for each other?

Wise professionals and legislators saw the dangers in allowing professionals have inappropriate relationship with clients while carry on their duties, they tagged such sex as misconduct which requires disciplinary action. That is why in Manchester recently,
"A married family doctor was secretly recorded by a female patient as they engaged in a sex session at his surgery, a disciplinary panel heard yesterday.

Dr Simon Robinson is accused of misconduct over a 16-month affair with the patient that ended when she began to feel 'used'.

The General Medical Council heard yesterday that their encounters always stopped short of full sexual intercourse and Robinson allegedly said he did not want to go further than oral sex as it would be 'crossing the line' for a married man."

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