Friday, February 3, 2012

Will It Happen In Nigeria! British Energy Minister Resigns over Speeding Charges.

Now I wonder why it's always right in Whiteman world!

Most public office holders in western world often thread the part of honour and resign whenever indicted or accused of any crime or misbehaviour. Even at the slightest indication of inappropriate behaviour in public duty, he goes away quietly in shame never to be heard again.
When I hear such brave act coming from whiteman's world, I often wonder in contrast, the kind of stuff Nigeria leaders and public office holders are made of. Certainly, it's not only Nigeria but all Africa leaders. It appears, their consciences are gavanized more to make public appearances and blame it on devil for their itching fingers or for drunk driving. The least of government vehicle in Nigeria will never obey traffic light!

What is actually wrong with a black man? Is it the pigmentation of the skin? Or the continent called Africa? Why won't a corrupt Nigeria office holder thread the part of honour and quietly resign from public responsibility like
"British Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne {who} resigned... after prosecutors announced he would be charged over allegations that he dodged a speeding penalty"

For details on British Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne click link bellow:

However, I don't believe all Nigerians are as dark as every leader who was possessed with satanic demons to steal and destroy public treasury given to him on trust.
Even those who flout the law with impunity will one day realise that the world has changed, and the devil has stopped taking blames for them.

Chris Huhne is just one case example. If our leaders can not learn from this and prove whatever innocence from the confines of their bedrooms when indicted, the good Nigerians will soon find a way to resign them. Of course, we are heading to that place where accountability and responsibility matter.

A word is enough for the wise.

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