Monday, June 25, 2012

Evil Of Genital Mutilation. Part 1

In the mid 98, without the preparedness For adventure, I ran into a lady who had been eager to meet with me.
I knew her through a friend's girl friend.
It was a day's meeting and it was very brief

My friend's girl friend had emptied our men gist on had lap that her nipples tremble at the sight of me. That sort of made it easy for me to process.

We started stripping from hallway into her bedroom. In fairly awhile, I was done, but, she was just getting warmed up. We continue to played and explored yet, I could not make her achieve her desire. She was sad because she thought I could make her reach that temple of sexual ecstasy she had heard of so often. She needed to experience it, to tell her own story.
I inquired why it was so difficult to make her reach orgasm, she did not why. Somehow, she blamed it on her circumcision. She was circumcised, and her clitoris was completely removed. She said "feeling sexed comes with serious labour, even then I never got to the point one day"
Though I was able to push her from the mountain top, I regretted it , she almost turned herself to my slave. She would do anything for me to make her repeat the feat. I began to resent the thought of sex with her. It was convenient that when time faded away and most things went with it, she was one of them.

Still, I didn't know the difference between circumcised and uncircumcised vagina until I met another girl later in life who was not vandalized.

Sex turned out to be fun; it was love making. Most times, we were always on the mountain and, all the time, it was not difficult for us to descend. I love to touch her. It was fun as she would quiver and bust loose to the hearing of neighbors. She was case sensitive to my touch.

In one of our escapades, why I tickled her sensual point, fondly and caressing her sensitive areas, she confessed to me how her mother prevented her father from allowing the Village circumcision 'Mother' from putting her dirty, ugly used blade on her clitoris.
" O yes, that stuff, am going crazy. I will tell you everything. Please don't stop, I will talk"

She was eight years then and she could still recollect most of the events.

Parents have gathered their daughters at the square and had them stripped nude like a porn movie. They were pinned to the ground by strong hands and the Circumcision Mother attended to each child with the same blade until it became blunt.

She said her mother watched in horror as the children screamed and some passed out at the sight of the bloody old hand of the Circumcision mother.
No Anastasia or antibiotics against infection other than hot water and python oil balm.
It was believe that a woman would not be able to give birth if she was not circumcised.
"you see, my mother was not circumcised"

It was horrific and her mother could not bear it. With boldness she grabbed her from the father and took her home. That was how she was saved from genital mutilation.
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