Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mother of Twins Plunged Into Osun River After Giving Birth

One  Mrs Shekinat Abdurazaq, 27 years old,  from Ede town, headquarters of Ede North Local Government Area of Osun State, committed suicide on Wednesday for no apparent reason.
About eleven days before the incident, the deceased gave birth to a set of twin. Her husband and all her well wishers rejoiced and were still in the spirit of that merriment when she plunged into Rive Osun.

 According to an eyewitness, the deceased had taken one of her children to school and, on her way back, at the bridge of Osun River, she muttered some prayers before jumping into the River.

Osun River is a place of worship to many Osun citizens and even foreigner far and near go there to worship the god or goddess that may be there.

One can only imagine the state of mind of the deceased. She probably, must have received visitation from the gods.

Although there were no divers around, beggars who usually hang around to beg for alms made efforts to save her but, yielded nothing
Australian woman-the Osun priestess

When her husband arrived the scene, in frustration,  he also attempted to jump into the river but was prevented by the people around.  Of course, he has been arrested and and detained at the Police “A” division in Ede for trying to kill self. 
Attempting to commit suicide is criminal offence punishable in Nigeria.

 However, as the time of filing this report, nobody knows if the police is going to charge him for attempted  suicide.
Would you rather he spends time in jail?

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